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I voted B, but probably should have gone C. I like Nolan's Batmens, I thought Guardians had a lot of charm. Struggling to think of a single other superhero movie I thought was good apart from that.

Looking at that Calendar outlining the Marvel release schedule from here to eternity just fills me with a powerful sense of boredom.

With all that said, when I was a young teenager I loved the Daredevil movie. I'm sure that me would love all these superhero movies, too. Maybe I should just accept that I'm past the age where Hollywood is interested in making films for me.

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I only started watching it a couple of weeks back, and I blasted through the first 5 seasons by saturday. Really enjoyed it a lot - good performances, really gripping storylines. I really appreciate that it's aware of its own silly parts and picks up on them. I've never thought of Timothy Olyphant as a particularly amazing actor, but he shows more range here than anything else I've seen of his, and he does a really good line in anger!

Season 5 did get a bit histrionic, but all the others are really good. I even like season 1 a lot more than most. It starts a bit rough, when it seems like it is just going to be a criminal of the week type show, but develops into a really great Southern Noir.

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Shaun of the Dead for me. I feel like it's the one that shows the most love for the things it's parodying, and also has the best performances, and character growth.

I do like Hot Fuzz, as well, but find the slavish devotion to tying off throwaway gags tiring towards the end of the film. It's a pretty close race between those two, though.

I really didn't enjoy At World's End though. Can't really say why but it just didn't get me at all. I appreciated what they were trying to do by switching Pegg and Frost's roles, but I don't really think either of them were able to shine in them.

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What weapons are you using? There a few good weapons for Str/Skl builds that might appeal to you.

If you're really set against bumping skill though, I think I'd recommend endurance. It's not my bag, but Str/End seems to be a fairly standard sort of build, and the strength weapons probably want a good amount of stamina to use effectively

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I've been really struggling with chins in this one. It seems like all the presets start with a very weak chin, and I find it really difficult to bring it back.

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@rethla said:

Jeff is good at gamelogic and a game thats all bout basic gamelogic is ofc. not hard for him.

"is the whole game just evading an enemy attack and then counter attacking?"

Yes it is but that is easier for some and harder for some. Its also like saying a car game is just about gasing and then brake and turning when the road turns wich is also true but games is so much more than their core gameplaymechanics. As many would like to point out monsterhunter has the same kind of coremechanics as souls games but they are still wildly different games becouse of everything thats built around those mechanics.

I think it's interesting that you went for racing games in that analogy, because there is something similar about the design philosophy I think. Like, the mechanics are that simple, but the fun is about reacting and learning.

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@fuzzy_dunlop: I'm 50/50 on the blood vials thing. On the one hand, I can see the logic of it - it means that there is an incentive to try and beat bosses in one go, instead of just throwing yourself at it over and over (I suppose this was partly the logic of reducing your HP pool in DS2), which is what I tended to do in Dark Souls. So I think it is a smart and effective way of driving certain behaviours in players.

On the other hand, I'm still pretty poor at the game and find myself having to throw myself at bosses again and again, so I'm finding it a bit rebarbative. It's definitely a bummer when you deplete your stockpile on a boss and have to go back to the mobs to grind out vials. In a weird way it makes individual play sessions feel weirdly MMO-ish, where you grind out some materials for your boss run.

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Got this problem as well. All of my molotov cocktails are being stored as blood vials. Honestly it seems like a pretty good deal for me at the moment...

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can anyone answer a question about how Ciphers regain focus? I'm not sure if it's based on number of hits, or damage dealt.

I've spec'd one out for two handed, but I'm unsure whether that's hobbled me in the focus regen stakes.

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I am seconding what people say about Hard to Kill. It's hilariously bad. It has a sex scene that literally occurs in the middle of a training montage.

I would also recommend Exit Wounds, for a glimpse at how his career trajectory changed in the late 90s.