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I don't know much about this stuff, so please tell me if I'm wrong, but presumably the standalone nature requires it to be a bit bigger? Like, with DLC that requires the base game, it will probably share some assets and stuff, but standalone DLC has to account for players who don't own the main game, and bundle a lot more stuff in?

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Am I right in saying that Gunstar Heroes and Shining Force are both Genesis games? They are good games.

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I know most people wanted item descriptions in load screens, but I actually kind of liked the starkness of it just being the logo.

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Regardless of anything else, I thought it played horribly. The way the character moves is incredibly cumbersome and frustrating

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@ehbunner said:

@rejizzle: Also Canadian and also know it as option A, too further muddy the waters my mother is Scottish and I've always been under the impression that it was something she knew from back home, was surprised to see so many people from the UK say that it was option B

Might could be that the scots swing that way to differentiate themselves from the hated English, the contrary sods. The sooner they fully submit to the yoke of English oppression, the better, imo.

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Why does anyone think that Toad in the Hole (B) have anything to do with breakfast food?

Also C is clearly a frog.

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I voted B, but probably should have gone C. I like Nolan's Batmens, I thought Guardians had a lot of charm. Struggling to think of a single other superhero movie I thought was good apart from that.

Looking at that Calendar outlining the Marvel release schedule from here to eternity just fills me with a powerful sense of boredom.

With all that said, when I was a young teenager I loved the Daredevil movie. I'm sure that me would love all these superhero movies, too. Maybe I should just accept that I'm past the age where Hollywood is interested in making films for me.

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I only started watching it a couple of weeks back, and I blasted through the first 5 seasons by saturday. Really enjoyed it a lot - good performances, really gripping storylines. I really appreciate that it's aware of its own silly parts and picks up on them. I've never thought of Timothy Olyphant as a particularly amazing actor, but he shows more range here than anything else I've seen of his, and he does a really good line in anger!

Season 5 did get a bit histrionic, but all the others are really good. I even like season 1 a lot more than most. It starts a bit rough, when it seems like it is just going to be a criminal of the week type show, but develops into a really great Southern Noir.

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Shaun of the Dead for me. I feel like it's the one that shows the most love for the things it's parodying, and also has the best performances, and character growth.

I do like Hot Fuzz, as well, but find the slavish devotion to tying off throwaway gags tiring towards the end of the film. It's a pretty close race between those two, though.

I really didn't enjoy At World's End though. Can't really say why but it just didn't get me at all. I appreciated what they were trying to do by switching Pegg and Frost's roles, but I don't really think either of them were able to shine in them.

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What weapons are you using? There a few good weapons for Str/Skl builds that might appeal to you.

If you're really set against bumping skill though, I think I'd recommend endurance. It's not my bag, but Str/End seems to be a fairly standard sort of build, and the strength weapons probably want a good amount of stamina to use effectively