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I don't even think those headlines are in the same spirit as terrible Buzzfeed headlines?

In the case of Why is Microsoft's Plan... that "is" is doing a lot of work. "Why is" to me indicates the the piece is going to be investigative or discursive, looking at a potentially complex issue to try and get at the root of it. I think that when you get an article with a headline like "why Microsoft's plan is news today" it implies an answer that is being withheld (clickbaity), but with the is it implies a potential lack of a clear answer. In this case, a more flat title like "Microsoft's news today because x" would actually be equally misleading and sensationalist - in the vein of interviews that pull a quote from an interview out of context to give a different impression to that of the actual interview ("George Clooney says Llamas are racist!" then in the main body it's something like "maybe llamas have the potential to be racist, I don't know." That was a dumb example).

In the case of the article about the guy who pirated Skullgirls, I think your point stands though! The key difference is that it's reporting on an event, but not telling you what the event is, I think! With that said there are definitely two different ways you could read that title:

"What happens when you pirate a game? Click to find out!"

"This is what happens when you pirate a game!"

I personally think that if the intent is the second one it might be justified, because although it is informal, it still gives a sense of the "what" - guy pirates game, gets called out or punished in some way - in a way that the first statement doesn't?

Quite frankly I think the biggest difference is that a news article about a short conversation on Twitter is setting a pretty low bar anyway!

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I believe Steam top sellers are grouped by revenue earned and not copies sold so that makes it even better news for Larian. Someone once made a interesting point regarding old game genres suddenly becoming in vogue; All those gamers that used to play these types of games now are all grown up and have money to burn but most big publishers keep chasing the bottom of the barrel type games that appeal to the casual and the teenage demographic. One is blase about gaming and the other cant even afford to pay for their hobby at a consistent basis(hello f2p). So you end up with many of those now grown up gamers longing for games of their youth hence the sudden rise in "old school" genres/games. An interesting idea worth considering, maybe a bit reductive but it does have its merits.

Quite a compelling theory. What I find heartening about it is that it's not zero sum, so what we're seeing is a growth in the market and the types of product it will bear, not some new fad crowding out other types of game. I hope that big publishers can harness this to diversify their profiles a bit.

Started my third game yesterday because I wanted to play without companions (find the two in Cyseal very uninspiring), but hadn't realised how beneficial lone wolf would be to that project.

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Personally think that Netherlands would have had more of a chance against Germany but even then doubt the result would have changed much! The Netherlands aren't a likable team!

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maybe he should have subbed in tim krul again.

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Think that's probably it then!

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@embryonic: honestly I find even him refreshing after every 2 minute break with Adrian Chiles and his menagerie.

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@leebmx: yeah, that's true. It's also not like it's been a boring game because they're playing badly. The quality's there they've just been very cagey. It's beginning to look like Holland are getting a bit braver but it might be too late now.

Yeah, you just worry whether the team that loses this is going to regret not going for it a little more. I can see why they are being cagey, in this World Cup the first goal has won every knockout tie but still....apart from that Robben chance at the end of full time I can't think of any real scoring oppourtunities...just hope the final is a bit better and no penalty shootout. I really don't think you should be able to win the World Cup with a penalty shootout.

haha yeah, if it gets to that point they should just pack up and go home, and everyone can forget it ever happened.

edit: Christ, ITV commentary team giving us about 2 minutes of dead air there...

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hmm, Robben may have passed the sweet spot for frustration now.

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@leebmx: yeah, that's true. It's also not like it's been a boring game because they're playing badly. The quality's there they've just been very cagey. It's beginning to look like Holland are getting a bit braver but it might be too late now.

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@freakin9: Sorry, I'm tired and didn't know if you were talking to me or not.

Talking to everyone, really. But I don't think Argentina is playing for PKs. Holland isn't really doing much, other than making the Argentine defense look better than they have all tournament.

I don't think either team are playing for penalty kicks, they are both just way more worried about killing the danger from their opponents than they are about scoring a goal themselves, the Dutch especially. Everyone just seems petrified to take any risks. You can see that even when they are attacking they are concerned about giving the ball away and being hit on the counter. There was a period in the 1st half where the Dutch had the ball for almost 3 mins but didn't play a forward pass once they got within 30 yards of the goal. I just really hope if there is a winner it comes from a moment of skill rather than a mistake.

Also - is Palacio's haircut the worst ever in football? I realise this is quite a statement to make but it is just so disgusting.

There's a strong case for it, unless he's training to be a jedi.

I don't know that I've ever been less enthused by the prospect of 30 more minutes.