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I love to game. I have been playing most of my life. Something else I love to do; find a good deal on stuff. I'm really cheap but I will go out of the way for a good deal.
Currently, I'm in the Navy (12 years), married (no kids) and enjoying life.
I'm from SC, and I think the most interesting "video game" related thing to happen to me is: I was able to work at a video game store. It was called Micro Play. This place was a small franchise before the Gamespot and EBgames invasion. I was there when the first Playstation released and I was able to play EVERY single game release for the system (U.S. games). Micro Play use to mod systems so I was able to get my hands on some of the Japanese games too.

Fave Games:
PC: Operation Flashpoint & Enemy Terriory Wolfenstein (I'm becoming a Steam Whore.)
PSX: Tobal 1&2
PS2: (Never owned one) However, MGS...
PS3:  I own one but out of the 40+ games I own I don't have a favor.
Xbox: Operation Flastpoint Elite
Xbox360:  I have a huge collection (100 games) but no current fave. Currently... Fallout 3
Wii: Don't own one yet. However, I owned one for 22 minutes (I hate Super Wal-Mart). Long story.....let's just say I'm married....