I'm finally getting to play Bayonetta.

I finally was able to get this game for under $20. So far, it is okay. I don't see how people would be willing to pay $60 for it. However, it is well worth the price I paid. I guess as I get older, I'm not enjoying button mashing as much. 
What makes Bayonetta appealing is seeing the result of the combos. I really love the way her hair becomes a demon. Hopefully I will be able to beat this weekend or tonight. Well, to all happy gaming.


I love cheap games.

Latest deal (Jul 2010) 27 games for $88. Hollywood Video going out of business. Sad to heard but I was able to buy PS3 and 360 games for as low as $3. There are plenty of places to go for cheap games, if you want to know PM me perhaps we could trade tips.


It's all about last years games.

Currently I can not get enough FallOut 3. I have put in 70 hours on the xbox version. I do not want to beat it without getting everything out of it. Plus, since we are in a recession (depression), I want to think more economically about the games I play. Thus, a $60 game has currently cost me about $0.86 per hour, for me, that is a good return.

Plus this gives me a chance to attempt to beat my older games from 2 years ago.  (Seeking 1200 Achivement Points on Mass Effect, etc)