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This sounds like something Kanye West would say. Sad.

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I went away from the site for a couple years, too. I still listened to the Bombcast, but didn't participate in the community. Seems like a lot of people are returning. Can't wait to see some art, Kat. Cheers.

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I used to go to videogamesdotcom if memory serves correctly. I think that was the N64 days? Eventually, that became GameSpot. The HotSpot / On the Spot to Arrow Pointing Down to BOMBCAST! I'm not even sure if that's correct, but I believe it to be.

I can't remember if it was videogamesdotcom, but either way I used to spend hours checking out all the games I couldn't afford.

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I've been loving my WiiU. Super Mario 3D World, Dr. Luigi and Mario Kart 8 have been taking up most my time lately.

The Digital Event, Treehouse, Dev Conferences and Smash Bros. Invitational all had announcements big and small. Great showing for Nintendo and the WiiU. Highlights for me were Mario Maker, Star Fox development, exploration concept for the next LoZ, Codename: STEAM and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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Very heartfelt. Great song.

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Thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of Ryan. May he rest in peace.

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Great artist. Missed his last show because of the flu.

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I was really looking forward to a review by Jeff. I thought for the most part his Twilight Princess review was fair. I didn't agree with his opinion on adding voice acting and I think he should have focused on the pacing issues a bit more, but the rating was definitely fitting in my opinion; maybe even generous.

My next candidate for the review after Jeff would have been Alex. I liked his Phantom Hourglass review and love his writing in general.

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I consider nine to be early, but i get up at five after six Monday through Friday.

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I'd love to play.