Incredible Waldo dude!


Click this dude fullscreen...

Hi everybody (those of you who recognize me, thumbs up – I need your support and love).

Well, look at this – what an incredible guy! I mean, just look at him. Where is this dude planning on going? Why does he need so much stuff? ... I get the whole backpack thing, the cane and the shovel – I even get the cup and the scuba mask… but why in the #%!ô" would he need all that shit in the middle of the city? Did he decide to camp right there on the fucking stairs? Dig a hole in the asphalt?! Dive in the fountain?!!

That aside, this awesome guy actually copied Waldo down to every single detail, Maybe Waldo is based on a true story about this dude! He actually got that time machine (look at that smile! Only a guy with a freakin’ time machine could wear such a smile!), and he’s just amusing himself by hiding shit all over the place… or maby not.

Maby it’s just a cool costume, which I rate 7/7 lost glasses, which deserves to be honored.

So I, Thomas Riis, honor this man! – I salute you Waldo guy!!!

… I salute you! (insert smiley with its fist in the air)


he's somewhere around the middle of the picture...     

Today.... I killed Winnie the Pooh.

Hi everybody! (I Love you all) 
Let me start by saying thanks!, thanks to all my new freinds on Giantbomb, you guys are awesome! Yesterday i wrote a blog about my lonelyness and you guys really made my day, so thanks for that - my 31 new followers (insert smiley with a big thumbsup) 
Tigger! you sick fuck!

Well, today I did something terrible, you know, I've done terrible things before like; breaking mirrors, spilling my beer and dropping the entire mix for the joint on the floor... 
... BUT! today i actually did it!,.... I..... I - killed Winnie the Pooh.  
Well, actually Tigger did, but i forced him, and i sure ain't proud of it.  
It was nasty i tell you, stuffed shit all over the place, and tigger just standing there, lighting his cigarette like he was thinking "this was a good days work). What's up with that!? I said: "What have you done!!!" and he just flipped me the bird, and jumped away - sick fuck. 
But the truth is, that i made him, I! I alone drew the gun, and for that i am sorry. 
I just hope that the bunny, the donkey, the kangaroo and that weird little pig thing ... can forgive me. - After all, nobody is gonna steal their honey again.... ever... EVER!.... never - ever.  
.... stop me.    

I am followed by 1 - !!!

...."grab me"

Hi everybody (if anybody reads this).  
Let me start out by explaining my spelling, I am from Denmark (ever heard of it?). oh, well - I decided to write this blog to inform all of you gamers out there, that i do in fact, got one freind!! That may not be much, but the dude that follows me, has become my only link to reality on this site. I keep posting even though you guys out there don't notice - but! BUT! This guy!, my follower - he notices, and I Love him. Simple as that.  
So! do you wanna be loved? - or even better... do you wanna be loved by me? as much as i love my follower!?... 
Then come join me on the FunTrain! let's have a blast and honk the horn!

Seriously, i'm just a bored lonely dude, with only one single freind in the world..... reaching out for a hand... 
.... I love you guys! ..... "grab me"...... jeff

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