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""Everything is a Remix, created by bits of ideas prior to your own – We stand on the shoulders of giants but now that money is involved we prevent ordinary people from becoming what the next generations should stand upon."

Hi Everybody!

I like technology, and at the same time I like to keep up to date regarding news in that field. Every day I read about how the entertainment industry wants to prevent distribution of their original product.- Products which by 99% is a remix of earlier ideas, which builds on even earlier ideas. The Smartphone producers around the world is on a huge patent Warfield where they fight over everything down to the infamous ‘slide to unlock’ feature and internet providers is getting forced to filter the net.

Where is the limit? How come the world has ended up, fighting over ideas instead of combining them? Why is it that every time money is involved and turfs gets threatened that new laws are created. - Did Disney ever pay anybody for Snow White contra the amount they would sue people, using their material today? - Material which wasn’t theirs to begin with. What about Led Zeppelin who practically copied every hit they ever had? – Today, there would have been no Led Zeppelin and they would even have been criminals, how about that?

Hip Hop went from a culture where music was copied, combined and altered by normal people wanting to express themselves to a multibillion dollar industry where huge amount of money is transferred over royalties and only rich people can play the game. – Today, there would have been no Hip Hop, or would there?

The internet is the open turf, this is where you can remix a number, share it with friends around the world and maybe even become famous. You can’t publish any sampling without paying the ‘creators’ but you can develop your skills just like evolution: By copying, combining and altering. This is freedom of learning, it's still on the net but is it yet again threatened by people wanting more money?

  • Yes.

As you might have guessed by now, I am not pro big business which themselves builds all their ideas of existing knowledge and then prohibits normal people in doing the same by dragging them to the court. But what is the newest add to this form of doing business how are we going to ensure that Madonna won’t go broke because of people downloading her songs? How are Apple to survive despite Steve Jobs have saved 100 billion dollars on a secret account for potentially hard times and restocking millions of iPhones several times a year. (I hope the sarcasm is clear enough)

Steve Jobs didn’t invent the computer, he took the best components and ideas from his competitors and created a good operation system – better than any other, but it still wasn’t his idea. He even boasted about how good he was at copying and altering in the start of his career. Just before he died he declared patent war with Android because he meant it was a stolen product.

Will these people interfere in my plans of creating a knowledge sharing website?

ACTA is here....

Please read to read my full blog on this issue revolving ACTA

Have a nice day - i Love you all (insert: confused smiley with a © instead of face)

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@Hizang: Haha, this is the cover for swamp shark:

I think i need a confirmation that this movie is great. Looks really fun in a B movie, style - but maybe a bit too silly?

I need, some chilling stuff, not laughable :) (i might see it though)

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@StarvingGamer: Thanks for your thoughts dude, - if you say it has those values, i'll gladly look into it - I will get back to you after watching it :)

@Grissefar: A monster movie? well, looks a bit comical, but i'm gonna check it out. seems like a movie ehich would fit perfectly with a jo*nt. I'll get back to you as well

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@oatz: Hi dude, thanks for the heads up - but i have already seen that one. I actually thought it was OK, but def. not excellent. to say it was shit, I think, is a little harsh.

@xdaknightx69: I come from Denmark, so obviously i've seen that one too :) - it's a really great movie, not brilliant, but I love the scenes in it and the whole message. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Anyone else?

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Hi everybody!

I haven’t been writing a blog in several months and now I am back!

(I hope that you are as happy for that, as I am –else, feel free to read my old blogs and make up your own mind).

Well, here we go:

I like horror movies. Actually I like them so much that everyone I know has started not taking my advice when recommending a movie; “oh, he’s just gonna pick something dark and scary” – and yes, I will, because I love that shit. Getting my adrenalin all up and my senses at peak.

I have watched a ton of thrilling and creepy movies, and I kind of feel, that I have reached the end of really good movies. Is there anyone left? I bet there is, but I have ended up watching about all mystery/suspence/horror/thriller movies listed on every single top 10 list I have been able to dig up on the internet. The same classics are listed at all of them, and I really need to find those rare gems out there:

That’s why I need you!

If I list a couple of movies that I love, maybe you guys could recommend me some awesome titles?

I like these:

That’s what I could come up with and I think it gives a pretty good idea of what I like. It needs to be creepy, psychological and disturbing. Too much gore, teenage slashing and humor doesn’t interest me.

Okay, I hope some of you guys will find the time to help me out and suggest some creepy and thrilling movie titles!

Thanks for reading, I love you all! (insert: Nosferatu smiley and a 360 headspin)

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Hi guys!

Well, i'll make this short...

I really, really want to try out Rift, but the thing is that nobody! that i know has a trial key.

I'm short on money and won't buy it unless i get absolutely hooked, so i need to see how it plays out.


If you don't know what to do with you trial, please, consider giving it to me.


Peace and Love! You are all wonderful people!

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i've been online all the time :)
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steam id: thomasriis 
uh uh uhuuuh
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good point ;)