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Defense Grid is a pretty good game. Defense Grid is also a game I bought on Steam a few years back for a dollar.

If you're launching your free games service, and competing with Sony who is offering Battlefield 3, Saints Row the Third and a bunch of other stuff this month, Defense Grid is not a good choice. Halo 3 and ACII are also pretty weak, but at least they're slightly more interesting.

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@thomper: I think I said I liked the HTC One? Looks like a slick phone. Not getting nearly the advertising push as the Galaxy S4 is here, though, for some reason. Guess Samsung's got some money to burn.

Oh! Sorry, I misread you, stupid. Apologies! Don't know how that happened.

Yeah, Samsung's marketing budget is insane. They spent like several billion on their mobile division alone last year. It's ridiculous. The Galaxy S4 is fine, but the HTC One is basically just as powerful, has a better screen, and has a far more gorgeous design. Really, really recommend it.

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Is there any particular reason you don't like the HTC One? I've been trying out the 'flagship' phones recently and while I agree that the Galaxy S4 is... maybe not that great, the HTC One is actually pretty wonderful. Otherwise, you could always just consider the Nexus 4. It's supercheap even off-contract and you'll always have the latest version of Android. Only problem kinda is the glass on the back, which makes it slightly more fragile, but it's still pretty decent.

Edit: Also, yes on the Nexus 7. That thing is wonderful, especially considering that low price. Holding off until a possible upgrade in two weeks seems like the smart thing to do, though. Also, if you're in the market for a 10 inch tablet, get the Nexus 10. Still way cheaper than that Apple stuff, but pretty damn good.

Basically what I'm saying is just buy the entire Nexus-range of stuff and never look back. Android is legitimately awesome these days.

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You're doing awesome work, man! Good luck to all.

1. Bejeweled 3

2. Castle Crashers

3. Dead Space Pack

4. Legend of Grimrock

5. Indie Game: The Movie

6. Orcs Must Die! 2

7. Puzzle Kingdoms

8. Shank 2

9. Snapshot

10. Hero Academy

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What Jeff said. Woah.

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Thanks! That makes sense. Heads up to Dave then to change the URL in the message at the top of the message. ;)

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I got a message at the top of the site claiming my creditcard is out of date - which is correct, and I'd like to update it so that I can continue to be a premium member. There's a link next to the message saying 'Click here to update your card details', which is supposed to bring me to but that page redirects me to And on that page, all I can do is log out or change my email/password. So... where's the page to change my creditcard info?

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@dagas: The management team that fired him 5 years ago was an inexperienced management team. It was 5 years ago. Since then, everyone involved in that crap has left GameSpot/CBS Interactive, and there's now a team in place (including John Davison, who is awesome) that Jeff fully trusts. That problem won't happen again.

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I can't be a Notch fan after that Duke Nukem Forever "review" he did.

Fill me in, please.

I... don't see the problem with that review? He doesn't like the game. Which seems reasonable, as most people who played the game didn't like it. It's a silly post, pretty sure he never intends to be The Definitive Game Reviewer Person Of The World.

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This is great. And yes, I saw this through Ryan, but I'd love to enter and win Dungeons of Dredmor. SteamID: