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I'm glad people are having real discussions like this, it's all too easy to see what goes on in many parts of the internet and feel like everyone in this community just wants to spout snarky one-liners at each other. I don't particularly to care to state my opinion, but I really appreciate the time and thought that goes into this kind of article.

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Just Burnout 3. Think about it people.

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Melbourne, Australia

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@maddenedman: Canberra is pretty much the perfect place in Australia for a New Zealander to live: It's boring, in the middle of nowhere and completely irrelevant.

I kid, I kid, New Zealand has legalized drugs.

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@markr: Oh man, I'd forgotten how delightful it is to hear Sydney described as a "dumb hole". Honestly I don't hate Sydney that much, I just know that Melbourne is better but MAN, "dumb hole" is just fantastic.

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Melbourne was at one time named Batman, has a district called Batman and several streets named Batman. If that doesn't decide which city is better nothing will.

Seriously though, not a bad idea, as a Melburnian I really enjoy the Bombsquad partaking in our Melbourne-Sydney feud.

Fuck Canberra, not even Canberrans like Canberra.

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To be fair most "*JOB* Simulator *YEAR*" games are absolutely trash and hilarious to watch, this game is genuinely a good sim and thus not fun to watch. Euro Truck is an exception because it's open-world trucks + Vinny.

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Regarding mouse movement a lot of people do play PC games with controllers. See: Giant Bomb Staff Members. Anyway it doesn't really matter, Rock* will almost certainly put it out one day; the real question is whether it's a pile of burning trash like IV was at launch.

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GTA V PC... a man can dream.