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Melbourne, Australia

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@maddenedman: Canberra is pretty much the perfect place in Australia for a New Zealander to live: It's boring, in the middle of nowhere and completely irrelevant.

I kid, I kid, New Zealand has legalized drugs.

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@markr: Oh man, I'd forgotten how delightful it is to hear Sydney described as a "dumb hole". Honestly I don't hate Sydney that much, I just know that Melbourne is better but MAN, "dumb hole" is just fantastic.

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Melbourne was at one time named Batman, has a district called Batman and several streets named Batman. If that doesn't decide which city is better nothing will.

Seriously though, not a bad idea, as a Melburnian I really enjoy the Bombsquad partaking in our Melbourne-Sydney feud.

Fuck Canberra, not even Canberrans like Canberra.

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To be fair most "*JOB* Simulator *YEAR*" games are absolutely trash and hilarious to watch, this game is genuinely a good sim and thus not fun to watch. Euro Truck is an exception because it's open-world trucks + Vinny.

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Regarding mouse movement a lot of people do play PC games with controllers. See: Giant Bomb Staff Members. Anyway it doesn't really matter, Rock* will almost certainly put it out one day; the real question is whether it's a pile of burning trash like IV was at launch.

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GTA V PC... a man can dream.

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@spraynardtatum: Because they lied but they're hardly going to say so in as many words.

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As far as we know we're perpetually at Day 7 until humanity ends and some other race can come along and decide which 'Day' 2014 is, any other answer presumes to know the future.