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I think ive played too much of this...

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kinda funny, been using the doors to midagate a lot of the packs, cheesing the encounter, theres enemy's later on that can use door :(

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further in im rethinking my stance, cant decide it the fire elements or the ice lizards are worse... or the 7x7 room u port in the center of every single square around u has a little lizard around u

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ive only come across 2 sets of the four skeleton soldiers, and for both i dropped emm down a pit and then felldown after ontop of emm to insta kill emm, Spiders so far have been a huge pain.

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Hey guys, this is a bit of shameless self promotion and also to let you guys know about this contest.

Its to design an 8-bit inspired graphic for a DA hoodie, so if u like my design go vote and dont forget you can vote for as many designs as you want so take a look around the gallery.

You can vote for a design by clicking [I'd wear this] in the top right hand side of the page

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Like i don't care what random people that ill probably never play wit again think of me, Coming from a country where "nerd" culture or even "gaming" culture is still stuck in the past where its only for 8 year old and to do so makes u some sorta freak, but surely in our own community it should be crazy to think that a large segment of it is just as ignorant, ive played plenty of multiplayer games and half expected some of it but its disappointing that were still as this point, or that its even excused 

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@StarvingGamer said:

@TechHits said:

@StarvingGamer said:

Imagine if you were playing a pickup game of basketball, and one of the guys who got randomly thrown on your team was constantly traveling, fouling, never passed the ball, and missed every shot.

would you call him a kill stealing whore?

No but I'd probably tell him to pass the fucking ball and eventually get frustrated and yell, "what the fuck are you doing?" when he did something really dumb.

The language is different but the attitude is the same.

Fair point, but do you start screaming at someone you just met the first time they foul?
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just cant understand why people wud be so agressive in a match type setup for people to learn the game.. :(

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I've just started at LOL, and been doing alright, haven't had people been aggressive towards me. 
But every single match, there is someone shouting "noobs" at people, or an example in my last match "burn in hell u kill stealing whore" 
And these are in beginner bot matches... What the hell is wrong with people. 
Its starting to put me off the game, are others having this problem and do riot games do anything to these people when reported? 

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