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@spaceinsomniac I think the protester vs rioter analogy is very apt. Again, arrogance on the part of game journos makes them incapable of separating the two. It's an easy way to distract from the core argument and instead draw attention to the shitheads who are conflating the issue. We do not support the assholes who are harassing and hacking these people, even if we disagree with the victims political/social stance. As Evelyn Beatrice Hall stated in her biography of Voltaire, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

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@maitimo said:

Hostility towards the people they cover instead of the people they're writing for. At the core of it, that's the problem. All the mistrust, scepticism and contempt that a journalist in any other field would normally direct to these massive corporations is instead directed at their readers.

It's a byproduct of arrogance and collusion. It's for lack of a better term a "good 'ol boys/girls club". Those fortunate enough to be in the club all kiss each others ass and tow the party line. Once you're in, you're in. If they lose their job or quit, another website swoops in and gives them a job almost immediately. They refuse to accept the fact that there is anything fundamentally wrong with their industry as a whole, or in the case of GB, willfully ignore it (which IMO is just as bad). God forbid someone has a dissenting opinion, they'll just be ripped apart on twitter and made example of.

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Journalism is all about non objectivity and steering clear of bias. What has happened in our media and in the video games industry is the editorialising of news reporting. There's nothing wrong with that, it's been proven that people want more opinion than they want actual reporting of facts. Just look at this site for proof. It all comes down to peoples need to be entertained in all facets of consumption, news being one of them. We want to be entertained, not be read the boring facts. I just ask that we are all honest and upfront about it.

People really don't want real journalism in the games industry. They want GB duders having beers and joking around with video game publishers/creators. That's not journalism, it's collusion. But hey, it's entertaining! So who cares? How can you be objective and unbiased, when you are buddy buddy with those who you claim to cover as a journalist? It's like calling Access Hollywood or US! Magazine actual journalism.

Yes, I am aware that Jeff and GB make no claim of being journalists and instead market their product as a personality driven editorial website. They are amongst the honest few.

What I'd like to see from the Video games Industry/Media

  • Stop calling it journalism. Stop calling yourselves journalists. You are what you are, entertainers and bloggers.
  • Opinion is not news, it's opinion.
  • News is not evangelical. Journalism is not the place for you to spread moral outrage or evangelize about social issues. It's about reporting both sides of the argument in the most fair and unbiased way possible as to give the reader the facts. The reader then takes those facts and then chooses to form or not form an opinion.
  • Stop using twitter as a platform for your pithy in-fighting with others in your industry. Grow a pair and call people out or take it to a place where you can take your passive aggressive moral high ground in private.
  • If you choose an ethical journalistic approach to your site. Please for the love of god stop taking free shit from developers, stop hanging out and having beers with developers, stop all the hooking up with developers, just stop, stop, stop!

Of course, there are more important places in society than the world of video games where real ethical journalism is needed, but hey you asked right?

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I really hope he donates that money to a hunger charity. If not, well... Make the potato salad and return the rest of the money.

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Welcome home @vinny. If you guys are in need of a helping hand around the office, give me a holler!

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I'd be perfect for that AP video job, and would relocate to SF in a heartbeat. I have nearly 10 years of professional experience in audio/video and have worked as a video tech/AC/Editor at one of the largest production companies in NYC for the last 6 years. I don't envy the guys (Rorie and Vinny probably) that have to sift through the 10,000+ applicants looking for that same job. 1 job, 10,000 applicants. Not to mention the highly qualified folks already working in that building for that other game website. Sounds more like winning the lottery than starting a fun career. Then again, maybe those are one and the same these days.

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Hey, this is a few blocks from my apartment. I'll be there! I'm guessing Alex will be there too.

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I don't hate them. I'm indifferent towards them. I, like every kid who grew up in the 80s, had a NES and a SNES. Nintendo lost me after the N64. There hasn't been a single game of theirs I have wanted to play since Ocarina and Mario 64. I just don't care anymore. They don't make games for me any more, and that's OK. There are plenty of other developers on a host of other platforms that do.

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Yes, this game looks amazing. I bought it last night and can't wait to jump in. I liked Grimrock, but felt the environments to be repetitive and got boring after a while. This game looks to have fixed that.

It's amazing that games like this one and Blackgaurd are being completely ignored by the site. No quicklooks, no mentions on the podcast, nothing. There are some great indie finally coming out of the Early Access program, and not a single mention.

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You see. It's shit like this that makes me just say "fuck it, I'm just going to get a GTX 770" and forget these lame consoles. I REALLLLYYY want to like them, there's nothing better than a shiny new toy, but this is ridiculous.