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I really hope he donates that money to a hunger charity. If not, well... Make the potato salad and return the rest of the money.

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Welcome home @vinny. If you guys are in need of a helping hand around the office, give me a holler!

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I'd be perfect for that AP video job, and would relocate to SF in a heartbeat. I have nearly 10 years of professional experience in audio/video and have worked as a video tech/AC/Editor at one of the largest production companies in NYC for the last 6 years. I don't envy the guys (Rorie and Vinny probably) that have to sift through the 10,000+ applicants looking for that same job. 1 job, 10,000 applicants. Not to mention the highly qualified folks already working in that building for that other game website. Sounds more like winning the lottery than starting a fun career. Then again, maybe those are one and the same these days.

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Hey, this is a few blocks from my apartment. I'll be there! I'm guessing Alex will be there too.

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I don't hate them. I'm indifferent towards them. I, like every kid who grew up in the 80s, had a NES and a SNES. Nintendo lost me after the N64. There hasn't been a single game of theirs I have wanted to play since Ocarina and Mario 64. I just don't care anymore. They don't make games for me any more, and that's OK. There are plenty of other developers on a host of other platforms that do.

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Yes, this game looks amazing. I bought it last night and can't wait to jump in. I liked Grimrock, but felt the environments to be repetitive and got boring after a while. This game looks to have fixed that.

It's amazing that games like this one and Blackgaurd are being completely ignored by the site. No quicklooks, no mentions on the podcast, nothing. There are some great indie finally coming out of the Early Access program, and not a single mention.

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You see. It's shit like this that makes me just say "fuck it, I'm just going to get a GTX 770" and forget these lame consoles. I REALLLLYYY want to like them, there's nothing better than a shiny new toy, but this is ridiculous.

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PC Gamer here who usually buys a console for exclusives/TV stuff. I don't follow this stuff that closely, so someone help me out here... It's now been CONFIRMED that the Xbox One will run games at 720p and the PS4 at 1080p? Or is it one of those things where some PS4/XB1 games will be upscaled, some will be 1080p, and it's just up to the developer? I was orginally going to get a XB1 for the TV/Cable features (yes I use those) but if it's going to be nerfed at 720p that's a deal breaker.

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@humanity said:

This makes me infinitely sad because a lot of people go on how it's kind of really hard to break into the whole video game journalist industry, mainly because there are already a lot of well known people out there who write about them and have already established industry connections - so why hire on some fresh new kid who might not get the full attention of Cliffy B or Hideo Kojima when you can just send the veteran instead and get much better coverage. So it makes me infinitely sad that Leigh Alexander continues to somehow occupy one of such slots in the industry. She has a real talent for writing that much is very obvious, but her points of view and opinions tend to overshadow the really terrific writing that puts those ideas down in print.

Dude, don't even think of it like that. They aren't occupying some magical spot that someone who actually gave a shit would fill if they were to step down. The entire video games journalism industry is one huge hive-mind circle jerk. They all sit around patting each other on the back, reassuring themselves that they are providing some sort of service to gaming consumers... When in fact all they do is carefully manage and try to hold on to their minor internet celebrity. Anyone who provides a dissenting opinion gets cast out of the inner circle and gets shamed on twitter, or worse has to go work for IGN.

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I haven't read through this this whole thread so I'm addressing the OP and the OP only.

I bought a nice gaming PC back when BF3/Witcher 2 was released, it ran me about $1500. Yeah, that's a bit excessive, but I haven't touched a single component on it since I built it, and it stills runs pretty much every single game I throw at it at 60 FPS at 1080p. I'm married with a full time job, so my gaming time is super limited. Because of that I RARELY buy games when they are released. The good thing about this is Steam and now Origin sales. I think the average price I pay for games is something around $10-$15. I think the last game I bought for $59.99 was Skyrim. All of that adds up.

I was a console gamer from the NES - 360 era. I've always had a gaming PC but it was always super limited. It never could max out games, so I stuck with consoles. When I first fired up The Witcher 2, everything changed. I could never go back. When the new consoles were announced and showed off, I shrugged them off. Why? Because I know all or most of those games are coming to PC and guess what? My upgrade price for a new video card is the same cost of a new console AND I can still play all of my old games. For me, it's a no brainer. I'm sticking with PC and waiting until there is an exclusive I absolutely must have before I shell out money on a console.