Animal Crossing and football season

Now that football season is upon us i thought it would be a fun time to put together some animal crossing football shirts of our favorite teams.

Since the Patriots are my favorite team and *ahem* the best football team out there i went and made my first pro design of a Tom Brady jersey and thought it turned out pretty decent. I'd love to make some for other teams if anyone has any requests, also feel free to post your own that you've made or improvements on preexisting ones! If i end up making more or other people have some really awesome ones i'll add them to this post so everyone can get in on the team spirit.

Patriots/Tom Brady:

Seahawks/Russell Wilson:


My first PAX and how Twisted Pixel is awesome

 This past saturday my girlfriend and I went to PAX for the first time, we only went the one day and we already have decided to go all three days next year, awesome show. Anyways, i just wanted to share some of the highlights.

First, the free play rock band setup proved entertaining with all the cosplayers getting up and rocking out. I was cracking up real bad when one guy walked around playing the cowbell while the band played Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I also liked seeing professor layton here shred his guitar while the singer was shrieking like a true hair metal singer


We walked around some and i played some Raskulls, I've beaten almost every challenge in that game but i didn't decide to tell the guy running the demo about that haha. I won all three of the races i was in and then got this really sick Raskulls pin of the angel Raskull that i wore on my Bastion bandana.
We saw the Giant Bomb guys walking around but were too shy to say hi and we love the site haha

More walking and this happened

Finally, we went to the Twisted Pixel Variety Hour and it was just awesome. The guys were so nice and so funny. They recorded audio for a future game, they had us all clapping and cheering, yelling ba-a-con! through the crowd, and even chanting beer! I ended up catching one of the Maw plushies. Near the end they announced that they were giving out prizes to whoever had an envelope taped under the chair. To our surprise it was under my girlfriend's. The prize? A song written and performed to her by Twisted Pixel's own Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney at the show the next day. Problem was that we weren't gonna be there so instead they're gonna record it and post it online, i'm expecting something truly amazing and i'll update this post when they email her the link.


As i said before, amazing show and we can't wait to go back.