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The idea of having a freely accessible database of design docs of games sounds absolutely amazing. I really doubt publishers and developers would be comfortable releasing that stuff though :/

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As someone who has no interest in Watch Dogs i thought this was a pretty cool read. Like an in depth review of the game but just the narrative and not the gameplay mechanics at all. Because i feel like i probably already know all about the gameplay this covers the half that i would actually care about and because of that, i know to never pick this game up. Not that i ever intended to, just that i don't really have to worry i missed something special.

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Right now i'm playing through The Longest Journey with my girlfriend so i take notes while she clicks around. It keeps me awake and lets me write down all the lore as well as puzzle related items, that way when we take a break and come back to it we don't forget anything.

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so that wasn't a joke tweet?

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edited with better formatting, here's my will smith cum face mii

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golden sun is lame from what i remember and even way back when it was new i thought it looked like butt

edit: i fully expect a lot of people to disagree with me

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This was the most insane direct ever, i loved it! i'm pumped to try this game out and see all the crazy things that can happen. That text to speech stuff is great, especially when it's singing a song

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wasn't originally that excited for this game cause i'm just not that big of a smash bros person but seeing new characters and how they play, like wii fit trainers, has made me much more interested. Can't wait to play it on wii u :)

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I tried out loot 2.0 with a 30-something demon hunter that i beat the game with and immediately found way better stuff. Something about that felt weird and i hadn't played in a long time so i just created a monk and am close to beating the game on master and hitting max level, it's been strangely exciting trying to max out and get crazy equipment. I may try maxing out another character, like a barbarian or something. I don't even plan on buying the expansion