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According to the 3DS eShop, Senran Kagura Burst is a five star game at over 1600 ratings.

Something is very wrong.

Dumb fanservice aside, apparently that's actually a really good game.

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@nmc2008 said:

I feel like they made it worse, why have a female only section and not a male only section? I am curious, are women the only ones allowed to have their own space? I feel like if they were gonna cave to the pressure then they should have just had it as one big thing, now it looks like women get special treatment. *shrugs* Ah well, everyone is happy I guess.


how would that make even the slightest difference, it's literally just changing the name

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@mems1224 said:

She has a valid complaint. I mean, its like Rockstar wasn't even trying to hide the fact that they were stealing her likeness

oh hello brain altano

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Ubisoft are stupid for not doing a game centered on Genghis Khan. If you want a compelling villain, the guy with a bodycount some say is between 50 and 80 million would make for a prime candidate. However, he also would make for a great complicated character because he did quite a few very smart, tolerant and positive things for those under his rule. And, and this is a big plus for a potential AC game, the way in which he died is disputed to this day! PERFECT!




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Preferring LESS peripheral awareness is kind of nuts. But the CRT factor may give him a real advantage. Good ol' CRT's refresh rate is faster than HD monitors, so he can see and react to things a tiny bit faster.

If he's playing online that isn't going to matter though, the difference between CRT and LCD response time is negligible unless you're a competitive Street Fighter/Quake player playing on a local connection or something. playing locally.

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Anything with opposable thumbs and/or the ability to use tools.

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I probably spend like halff my day listening to music and podcasts, so yeah, I guess I need something to distract me from actually having to think about shit.

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@joeyravn said:

I'm a duder who lost almost 50 kg (~110 lbs) in the past year, mostly from following a healthy diet and doing weekly exercise. More often than not, people who haven't seen me since before losing all that weight describe me as "skinny" in a negative way, as if I was sick or being obese made me healthy.

Really, "fat" and "skinny" are just words, and like the vast majority of words, they have whatever meaning the person that is using them wants them to have. That being said, the whole HAES thing is shit, if you ask me. You can only accept your body as long as you're, at least, overweight, and heavens forbid that you want to lose weight. Unless you're actively praising fat, you're a fat-shamer. Ugh.

As a fat fuck myself (310lbs), the whole "fat-shaming" thing that those tumblr crazies go on about is such horse shit. I get that it's kind of a counter-push to bullying, and on that level I agree that nobody should have to put up with harassment over their looks, but those people are goddamn delusional and take it waaay too far.

Being morbidly obese is not healthy, it's not normal and it shouldn't be encouraged. These people are lying to themselves, and as someone currently struggling to undo a lifetime of bad decisions I won't feel an ounce of pity when they die of a heart attack at 30, sitting on their power scooters with a quadruple Baconator in-hand.