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Chemtrails? Illuminati? Come on now, let's not be ridiculous.

The most rational explanation is that Jeff is a lizard.

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From a gameplay perspective, sure, I don't see why not.

But I don't think there's a tablet out there that would be able to handle the buttfuckingly massive battles.

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Yeah, like the others have said that's about par for the course with that game - and especially that card.

GTA 4 has a fuckin' blur filter in place of any real anti-aliasing options, game's a mess.

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@mcfart said:

I'll laugh if Brad actually forces an award on DOTA 2. Even GS didn't give it an award (for some unfathonable reason Path of Exile is their PC GOTY)

Path of Exile is really good

Except for the unbearable lag and desynch that makes high-level play literally impossible

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I don't get why some people imply that Dota 2 doesn't deserve to be a contender for goaty, as if there's some kind of qualifications for these things beyond being released this year. It's a videogame-ass videogame, the zenith of gamey videogames, videogame prime, one of the gamest games that ever gamed a game. It's not pretending to be a movie (sorry, "cinematic experience") or coast along on some sophomoric, emotionally manipulative plot device like having to protect a little girl. Hell, if I were feeling bolder I might even make the argument that it's one of the only "real" games to even come out this year.

gg no re, commend pls

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Depends, I've been looking into building a smaller, dedicated machine for LANs and such for a while now and if any of the Steam Machines are priced competitively I'll definitely consider them.

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Skyrim. It may not have been the best Elder Scrolls game, but goddamn is it an excellent hiking simulator.

Also, I should clarify that as a Canadian "comfy" means "knee-deep in fresh powder with icicles coming out of your nose."

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