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people go to libraries?

There's a funny kind of irony in taking a computer with internet access to a special room so you can read books.

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Dark Souls is pretty much From/Namco Bandai's most successful property here in the west, I doubt they'd let it die so easily.

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I love Disasterpeace - so much so I that even forced myself to slog through Fez - and this looks pretty awesome.

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I like how they're finally starting to come around and see these games for what they really are and not just the "weird games for crazy people" that the internet hype made them believe.

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This kind of twee-indie tumblr folk-art is way too self-indulgent for my tastes but hey, more power to the people who find meaning in it. It's dumb to point at a medium - especially one as broad and emerging as videogames - and arbitrarily define what it can and can't be.

As far as the Patreon thing goes, if there's a market for it and people want to donate then sure, why not. No skin off my back.

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@sammo21 said:

@sharkethic: eh, if you felt inclined to look up the video after I intentionally made sure not to share the user's name or link to anything pertaining it then that's "your problem". No, the "irony" isn't lost on me as the video has already been discussed, posted, and advertised on gaming sites. If you already knew what was terrible about it but chose to give him your viewership and click then that is completely on you...

Hey everyone quick, don't think about balloons!

You're thinking about balloons aren't you, you son of a bitch! After I expressly told you not to! Well that's "your problem"!

I can think about balloons without having to rush out and buy some.

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Chemtrails? Illuminati? Come on now, let's not be ridiculous.

The most rational explanation is that Jeff is a lizard.

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From a gameplay perspective, sure, I don't see why not.

But I don't think there's a tablet out there that would be able to handle the buttfuckingly massive battles.

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Yeah, like the others have said that's about par for the course with that game - and especially that card.

GTA 4 has a fuckin' blur filter in place of any real anti-aliasing options, game's a mess.