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Top 5 game of the year! 0

Wow. this is one of those games that really frew me in. The best thing about the game is the pacing. you will beat up ten guys at once and then have to kill another six but from the shadows. every mechanic in the game is done very well. Most games now a days will take one of the mechanics and draw it out for 5 or 6 hours. Batman truly makes you feel like a baddass. When I beat the game on normal, I couldn't wait to play on hard and I also can't remeber the time I wanted to find all the secrets i...

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must own for PS3, must rent for the hardcore 0

The level of polish is amazing on killzone 2. -The graphics are awesome!  period.-Great UI, your always focused on the screen and not bars. -Great save system, You never have to replay a lot of the game -Bad enemies, there's not a lot of variety. your basically fighting the same guy over and over -good pacing. The game does its best to switch things up i.e. HALO   Dante Garza's head blown off! if your reading this review then your probably a hardcore gamer and if you haven't played this game the...

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A good choice when you want to kill 10 minutes 0

Turtles in time is a very simple beat'em up game.  The graphics are sharp and competent but not mind blowing. The sound is very average and a better soundtrack could have really helped.    I found myself going back to re-shelled the same way I would go back to a shatter or super stardust hd. There are times when you don't want to save the entire wasteland or what have you and this is perfect for those times.  Re-shelled is an arcade game and it's simplicity is what draws me in for a "quickie". T...

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A great game if you missed it. 0

After Playing Red Faction: Guerilla I wanted to go back and try out some of Volitin's other stuff.  The world of Stillwater is very realized and "alive", to the point where I consider Red Faction to be a step back.  The game really drew me into the world and let me have a ton of fun either playing the story or just blowing shit up. The graphics are average with some weird texture effects on glass and hair. The art style is very consistent and a bit cartoony which really lends itself to the game...

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Perfect for 15-30 minute chunks 0

Trying to explain how shatter works is not easy. The best thing I can say about shatter is that it constantly changes things up. First off, the music is superb. The music alone is worth $8 bucks in my mind. The game has you play vertically, then horizontally, and then in a circle for which you move in the bottom third. Every world has a boss battle which are really enjoyable and a  bonus level. I think I was looking forward to the bonus level every world because the balls start moving really fas...

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Refreshingly fun 0

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is a fairly clever adventure game that starts out strong and never really lets up.  I missed the original game when it first came out and I was very excited to try this one out when the remake was released. The game looks very sharp and the art style is very clean and realized.  The Humor is pretty good, and that is a real compliment because humor in video games has been very hard to achieve.  The game as a whole really knows what it is trying to do a...

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A real love, hate relationship 0

Red Faction is a very competent third person shooter from volition inc. the guys who brought us saints row. The obvious thing to mention first is the destructibility of the buildings and more importantly, the physics. This game should be played if for no other reason then to run around and blow up anything in your way. This game  pushes video games forward when it comes to how buildings should fall down. plenty of games out there have and use physics, but none to the extent the Red Faction does....

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