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@Bellum said:
" I wish I could play civ IV with one unit per square. D: I hate stacks. "
This is mostly how I feel.  Need to experiment a little more, there are some things I like:  1 unit per tile, city states have potential, gold buyout of units and building is more flexible, cuture is more explicitly layed out, and I like the social policies (I think).
But Civ IV just rewarded you much better for painstakingly selecting the very best tile for your city.  And the first game I played I got the #3 ranking (lincoln).  In Civ IV the best I ever got might have been whatever is above Ethelred the Unready (like #28).  And I spent a good amount of time on Civ IV.  So obviously it's too easy.
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@WinterSnowblind said:
" Washington - America. Though that was a randomized pick from a quick game. "
I also got washington on my first game at random.
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@WinterSnowblind said:
" @Hitchenson said:
"@WinterSnowblind said:

" Disappointed they didn't throw in a firefight map or some new armour pieces. Hopefully they achievements aren't as annoying as the ones in Halo 3 which were almost impossible to earn and relied on sheer luck. "

Which ones? I didn't think Halo 3 was that hard of an S Rank. "
Any of them that required something along the lines of "kill three people with one spartan laser shot".  Ones that require very specific circumstances that aren't going to occur unless you're playing with morons..  Or boosting with friends.  They seemed to have learned this with Reach though, so hopefully they don't fall back into the same pattern.    "
I doubt that I'm the only one that likes these type of achievements.  I actually got the laser one (only two btw, not three) probably within a week of buying Halo 3, so I'd hardly call it impossible.  I never got a few though, including mongoose mowdown and whatever the one is where you have to re-hijack your vehicle after being hijacked.  Still I DON'T BITCH ABOUT ACHIEVEMENTS BEING HARD BECAUSE THAT IS THE POINT.  You know what achievements I don't like?  Campaign mission completed.  Boring
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@Asurastrike said:
" Man, 3 maps for 10 dollars. Guess I'm done playing Reach. "
This was my thought as well.  Well - I'll be done Nov. 30
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I hardly encounter any jerks in Halo.  Possibly because I mute just about everyone who has a microphone.

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Personally, if you have a mic plugged in and you're not my friend, I'm likely to mute you.  The only thing I really play on XBL is Halo and I have it set so I only hear team and party chat.  And if someone on my team is talking loudly or constantly or is 12 years old, they are muted as well.  I bet I've muted over 100 people since I started playing Reach two weeks ago. 

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@TheFalconProduction said:
" What is your favorite moment to happen over all in Halo Reach? Mine is that KAT is indestructable during campaign, but in a cutscene, one needle from a Needler Rifle to her head kills her. I was annoyed, but i could help but laugh because she NEVER died in the actual gameplay, but she dies in the story/cutscene. "
Kat definitely got the cheap death.  Everyone else went down in a blaze of glory.  She had her shields turned off?
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Man I have to agree, but with me it's just infection infection infection.  I like FFA slayer, but enough is enough!
Edit:  What does it take to get some oddball up in here?

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I don't care about credits, at least I don't think I do.  I enjoy ranking up, but I play the gametypes I play because I want to play them.

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I've been playing a lot of ODST firefight lately after recently playing through Halo 3 and ODST campaigns on legendary and I have to say I never liked dual wielding, probably didn't use it a single time unless out of desperation in the Halo 3 campaign, don't miss it at all in ODST and certainly won't miss it in Reach.
The biggest problem I see with dual wielding is that in order for it to be balanced, the one handed weapons must be weaker than the two handed weapons.  This means there are a lot of crappy weapons sitting around that I never felt like picking up, and remember SMG starts in halo 2?  That in combination with being locked out of grenades and melee made DW a novelty and nothing more.  Something to make MC look badass on a game cover.