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The Chupa Chups logo was designed by Salvador Dali

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not sure why, but it really irks me when Scooby Doo become part of the lyrics.

(otherwise this song is fantastic)

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The first DS was released on November 21, 2004. (so 10 years and one day as I write this). Surely one of the greatest (the greatest?) handheld system there was, what is everyones favorite DS game?

also, want to feel really old? the Game Boy Pocket was only 8 years old when the DS came out.

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Even though there is no reason for me to still be playing it, I still turn on ridiculous fishing now and then when I have a few spare minutes, like on the toilet. The top hat is now pink and almost 100m.

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After Metal Gear Scanlon is over, maybe Drew and Dan could go through the Zelda games? Its another big video game franchise Drew has not played.

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Working my way through the who's discography, it has been too long since I listened to these gems. (going to continue to ignore any of the albums without Keith Moon though)

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The Witness is one of the upcoming games I am most exited about. And I remember there being a lot of excitement for this a while ago, but I have heard no talk about it in maybe a year, even though its supposedly out soon? (Q4 2014, but no specific date). It almost seems like everyone just forgot about it. So who else here is really looking forward to this game?

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The Shaggs. I actually learned about this group in another thread on this site some years ago (forgot which one)

Im not even sure WHY I like it. sure, it fits under the "its so bad its funny" camp, but there is something else too I cant put my finder on. Give it a listen, you will love or hate it.

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Don't people already listen to dubstep ironically?