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Glad (and not surprised given his playstyle) that Drew found the "holding down the MG trigger yelling" thing because that was one of the coolest touches in the game.

I only used that weapon when fighting the shagohod, and thought those screams came from Volgin.

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I'm looking for something with adventure in it. You know, a feel good read of sorts. Any suggestions?

Blood Meridian.


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I always think people are lying when they say they like Joyce. I'm not saying you're lying, I'm just saying...I read a bunch of pretentious janky gibberish that you were supposed to like if you were smart, and it had his name on it. Probably the truth is you are smarter than me and have a better sense of humor, so you have a capacity to enjoy his work that I do not have.

If you read Finnegan's Wake, then don't worry no one likes that book. It's literally unreadable. He's definitely a frustrating writer, especially if you don't have a strong stomach for wild experimentation in your literature. It's not that you need to be intelligent, patient is more the word. Once you break through that wall though, man Joyce can blow your mind.

He's a lot like Monster Hunter that way

If I did not like Portrait of the Artist as a young man very much (I did somewhat enjoy the very early part of it), is it still worth giving Ulysses a chance? Im kinda like killer2, i'm not sure how many enjoy Joyce, vs how many SAY they do. (also like killer2, Im not doubting you here)

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Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Even though they are huge classics, I had been kinda reluctant to check these stories out for some time, maybe because Sherlock Holmes is so ubiquitous in pop culture, maybe I thought they would be boring, dry and dated. But recently I decided to give it a try, and am I glad I did, because they are BRILLIANT.

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The Chupa Chups logo was designed by Salvador Dali

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not sure why, but it really irks me when Scooby Doo become part of the lyrics.

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(otherwise this song is fantastic)

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The first DS was released on November 21, 2004. (so 10 years and one day as I write this). Surely one of the greatest (the greatest?) handheld system there was, what is everyones favorite DS game?

also, want to feel really old? the Game Boy Pocket was only 8 years old when the DS came out.

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Even though there is no reason for me to still be playing it, I still turn on ridiculous fishing now and then when I have a few spare minutes, like on the toilet. The top hat is now pink and almost 100m.

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After Metal Gear Scanlon is over, maybe Drew and Dan could go through the Zelda games? Its another big video game franchise Drew has not played.