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Backed of course.

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I have high hopes they can pull this of. Just the music from the pitch video from Mark Morgan made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and dig out my copy of PS:T

To put my money were my mouth is, backed of course.

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Knock-Knock has been officialy funded and the Kickstarter is over.

The total pledged as 41k + 1.2k from PayPal + 5k from the Russian PayPal.

Congrats IPL. Now makes us a game!

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Knock-Knock has been funded!

There is still time to reach other goals if people keep donating, spread the word.

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@Animasta said:

I love how you're always there to post something by Ice Pick Lodge (you've got the most wiki points for the void afaik)

it seems a little silly, I never did like cargo and was hoping they'd do something more similar to void or pathologic. oh well!

Yeah, I'm a big fan of their work and I love to see their vision come to fruition so whenever I can help spread the word on the projects I will. :)

I have 4 copies of The Void :D

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Knock Knock is the name of the new game by Icepick Lodge, of Pathologic, The Void and Cargo fame.

Today they bring us a Kickstarter to help finish the development of their new game, Knock-Knock.

According to the CEO of Icepick Lodge they were asked to develop this game and I now quote from Nikolay Dybowski:

In late November, 2011, a strange and troubling event has happened to our studio. We have received an anonymous e-mail which suggested that we should produce some "unconventional" game based upon the materials attached to the letter. Such offers are a dime a dozen and most of the time they barely deserve any attention at all, however, this one seemed quite different.

The attachment contained a set of 19 files added to an archive titled "lestplay". The files (snippets of text, scraps of audio recording, video footage fragments) as well as the style and wording of the message itself appeared to be rather disturbing. The surface examination did not reveal anything straightforwardly terrifying, yet we could not escape the feeling that something truly sinister was lurking underneath.

The stranger was begging us to complete the project he has started, yet he also made us well aware of the risk we took as the proposed ludic situation would potentially explain what calamity befell whoever has compiled the ominous archive, thus urging ourselves to meet the same fate.

Help them to fulfil this stranger dream and project. Help Icepick Lodge finishing what they started before they loose the last remaining sanity they have.

How to help them? Pledge at the Kickstarter page:

Official forums:

Official Knock-Knock site:

Feel free to discuss your expectations and comments about the game.

Thank you.

(I am in no away member or affiliate of Icepick Lodge. I'm just a fan of their work)

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From LxR, developer of Pathologic and The Void:

Dear friends!

We're currently reviving the Pathologic Translation Project. As you may have heard, the English players couldn't enjoy the best part of Pathologic - it's texts - because of a butchered translation. This project is meant to re-do the translation during the free time we have.

We need: 1) Russian-to-English translators. If you're a native English speaker - you're twice as valuable! 2) Proof-readers and Quality-checkers - there will always be plently of proof-reading and editing to do. 3) Santa's little helpers - any help iis welcome! For now, visit the translation forums, and check out what's happening: You can also support the project by re-posting a link to this entry!

Come and join us in this effort.
PS: Somehow this didn't end up in the Pathologic game forum, move if appropriate
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Another great review:
Just Adventure
A reminder that the game is schedule to come out in 23rd of October.  :)

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Shameless plug I know, but on the topic of Russian wonders.
A great review by RPS of The Void, for those interested
I must confess it would be nice to have GB do Quick Look or even a review, as you know the perls of gaming deserve all the publicity they can get to help support such devs to continue and create such wonderful games and to prove to publishers that these games are capable of selling.
Sorry for the shameless plug. :(

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