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The best of the best, intemporal masterpieces that stand the test of time and are a testament that games can be a marking experience, if done right.

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Posted by RagingLion

I would be intrigued to see some annotations with your thoughts on these games and why they rank so highly in your opinion.  Then again you might not feel that it's worth the effort since maybe I'm the only one to stumble onto these lists, which I would understand.
(You beat me to wiki-ing Cargo! btw.  Looks very interesting.  I'll get round to buying and playing The Void once my current backlog of games is out of the way I think.)

Posted by Throdax
@RagingLion: Your wish is my command :)
Edited by RagingLion
@Throdax:  Ahhh, why thank you.  Brief disclaimers, but it's nice to know why they hold such a place in your esteem.  Enough people go on about Planescape that I really must get round to playing it.