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Imagine what it could've been though if they hadn't fucked up the ending of 3. People would've pointing to the ME series as the game(s) of an entire console generation.

When it comes to playthroughs though, I played through 1 and 2 like 3-4 times and I played 3 exactly once. That says it all, really. I know there's DLC and stuff that makes the ending more bearable/better, but I just can't bring myself to play it again after the letdown that vanilla ME3 was.

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I'm usually pretty picky about the books I like. I like Sci-fi, Fantasy, Historical fiction, (military) History. I tend to go to forums for my recommendations from other people. I'll usually read people's opinion on a book and then determine whether it's something I'm interested in. If it is, it gets put on 'the list'. If you're looking for a good forum to get recommendations then I'd recommend Something Awful's 'The Book Barn', there's bound to be something which appeals to you.

If you're interested in either Sci-fi or Fantasy or both, then this might be a good start:

Almost anything on that flowchart is worth reading. And once you find something you like, you can easily try to find books which are similar.

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Natalie Portmanteau.

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It's the X games. There's a race called the Khaak in there. There's 3 games in the 3rd series of this game, X3: Reunion, X3: Terran Conflict and X3: Albion Prelude. It's probably one of those.

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I'm not sure yet, we had 8 people last time, that's not really indicative of a lively community. I'll think about it for sure and ask the other organizers, but I'm not sure there's a sizeable enough SC2 community remaining on these forums for it to be viable.

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Finals just finished, Fluxwavez beat Chronologist 2 - 0. Thanks again everyone for playing, let's hope we get a better turnout next time. I'll try to not plan it during any major tournaments next time.

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Thanks for playing everyone, we're going to do the finals tomorrow same time as today (21:00CEST, 15:00 EDT) at the request of both finalists.

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There are no people in the Giantbomb chat right now

Go to the US Server, we're all over there.

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Tournament is now a double elimination tournament, by the way. We've got 9 people right now and that's not enough for anything like a group phase. Double elim should still work fine however, let's hope we get a few more people joining in in the next half hour.