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I enjoyed destiny it was a good mechanics game but last tuesday after I had seen what they did by placing the DLC above and beyond the main game I went to my local gamestop and traded it in (something I never do) because I was a high level player they wouldnt allow me to play their base game anymore unless I paid their at least 2 time fee. Bungievision its fine if you dont want me to play your mediocre game anymore i wont.

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I know there are a few Xbox 360 guys out there still and if you are interested in playing send a friend request my way I am currently in the NA East clan. Looking forward to raids but need some more folks on my friends list interested.


I made a post on the LF NA East forum on bungie, but I am unable to post on the west since there are so few of us 360 users left I think we might need to work together to get our Destiny in line.

Thanks to FatTony for doing all this leg work.

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"Let's go Cena!" Kid wins Summerslam that kid never gave up, even after 16 suplexs, he never gave up.

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360 invite please.


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@mister_v said:

"Out of the Office"

"The Morning Bombardment"

PnA's Impact News

GiantBomb's This Week in News

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I just wanted to say that most of the games shown this year were the pan out and holy shit your online variety which is pretty neat. I just really don't dig the stay plugged in or your games don't workedness of the Xbone I already have a TV and a Blu-ray player I do not need another one of those I want a game console. With that being said I understand that some games won't work without their online component (MMORPG) if I was still able to play games that are a solely single player experience after the 24 hour time limit I would have no problems with the policys at hand but Microsoft fumbled their scoring chance by making this seem like they dont care about selling games its just another function of our box which is entertainment focused.

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It is a game console does not matter what it looks like on the outside it's the stuff that shows up on the TV that counts.

It seems like an all in one device no more power brick I make this assumption due to the power cable port being similar to the original Xbox and all of the Playstations.

None of what they said surprised me at all.

Pretty much what I expected for being 20 days away from the electronic 3.

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Picked the game up last week was wondering if I could join you all in some tuesday night Hooning? Gamer Tag: Thumbrunner Thanks see ya in Colorado!

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The lack of premium content through the first 3/4 of the year made me not renew my subscription, as I did not feel I was getting anything special for the money I was spending. The normal content has been great and seeing some addition premium content plus an every Friday show would make me want to renew but as the site stands now I say 4.

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No problemo. I appreciate you for caring enough to see said article, more often then not people just except others words as gospel. I on the other hand love to do a lot of research to form a complete opinion based on real facts. Believe it or not folks google isn't to big to fail.