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Awesome Love the fact they just keep pushing new content for the greatest CTF game of all time. Loved that lore video by the way thanks for that!

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What if any kind of recourse does the modern consumer have against companies that fail to protect our data? (That is a serious question.) \/ That also \/

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UUUUUUUUUUUUUU-you know what? I can't even muster up being shocked or angry anymore.

Edit: Ya know what? Maybe a LITTLE angry over the whole "Use an authenticator for EXTRA PROTE-they stole the authenticator...SORRY!


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There are only 2 answers to this question, Crash Bandicoot & Kevin Butler.

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Jet Force Gemini

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/\ as I sit waiting for a cap looking around I like watching a plane crash into a friendly heli, which hits the ground next to me, explodes knocks down a building and team kills 3 of my squad mates cause they thought they where safer inside said building, which causes me to lose it laughing only to be run over by a jeep that is strapped with C4 honking its horn all the way through the map, just to watch that jeep get exploded by a tank round through the kill cam. BF3 to me in a nutshell.

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Sackman you are completely correct about CQ, If you want to play BF3-CoD edition then get it but to me BF has always been about the large scale vehicle combat. My friends and I pretty much only play Conquest and havent played the CQ stuff in about 3 weeks due to its TDM sort of mentality. Again cool but not why I turn Battlefield on.

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Phatasy Star Online for the Dreamcast. It is still my second favorite game of all time.

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Why would anyone care about your opinion. Why would anyone care if you just didn't listen. Why would anyone care to feed a Troll. Why would anyone care about your 1st post ever. Why would anyone care about your spelling. Why would anyone care to waste so much time writing a screed of hate. Why would anyone care.

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Dude has one post here, and hasn't responded to any of this. So no shits given on his opinion of a "Speedy Glance".

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Can't say I really care played through it my one time never to return, if you think that this is going to be any better then their first attempt you are off your rocker. Bioware didn't care enough to even make the three plus endings any different than each other they only did a palette swap. This whole scenario is a sad travolta.