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What do you fine folks think of The Wolf Among Us? Is it a good story? I played through the Walking Dead season 1 and thought it was alright - evidently I didn't care as much for it as the rest of the world although the ending was pretty strong.

I'm on the camp that thinks that The Wolf Among Us has been kinda weak so far. A lot of mindless wandering and stumbling into events that may or may not progress the plot, eventually ending an episode in a cliffhanger. It's probably Telltale's best looking game so far though. And it seems that there are quite a few people that believe that it is better than The Walking Dead. Depends on whether you prefer grimdark fairy tales to zombie drama I guess.

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Yeah, the Steam client is pretty cumbersome to use. It kinda feels like it's just a web browser for the Steam store. As long as the Library tab works I suppose.

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Whooo! Managed to beat that temptation I had for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

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Yep, having this same problem. Resubbed last night and the silver icon isn't showing up. Maybe posting a message fixes it?

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I should probably sell these cards. They are going for 50 cents each at the moment.

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I bought Expeditions: Conquistador from the GOG sale the other day and I have to say that it is a pretty excellent HOMM/King's Bounty style game. Much more interestingly is that it is set in a period of time where you play as a Spanish conquistador making a name for him or herself in the New World. Best of all, you can totally play a racist asshole elitist laying waste to all the New World savages.

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It wasn't edgekasey's fault, some 1-poster was trying to promote their youtube channel.

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Now we just need Drew to host to complete the circle.

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Is this why there wasn't a Bombin' the AM this Monday?