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@realworldselfdefense: Wait really? The Russian speakers over at the Steam forums are claiming that the grammar is too formal (as in no one in real life would talk like that) and that their accents were obviously foreign.

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Alright, I'm interested.

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@rorie: Is this problem being worked on by the engineering team? Or is it just some inherent side effect to how the payment system is hooked up?

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Super because it added a ton of new and interesting content. I'm not sure why you would want to play anything other than the latest version though.

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Wait, there is an expansion for the PSP game which requires a PS3 to play (or is it the other way around)? That is possibly one of the most Sega things I've heard in a while.

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I wonder why it's a code and not part of their On The House program. Thanks for the heads up!

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@machofantastico: Yeah, don't go to the Telltale forums. People over there seem to be in riot mode after the release of Episode 4. I thought that it was one of the better episodes of the season myself (it certainly has its flaws though).

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Well things went to shit real quick in this episode. This felt like the most hectic one of the bunch. I appreciate that they tried to bring back some form of a hub and puzzle in this episode.

- Had chopped off Sarita's arm the last episode (how long does she stick around if you choose the opposite?)

- Saved Sarah (I really thought that I could've taught her how to survive)

- Robbed Arvo and gave Rebecca the medicine (that guy seemed fake as fuck)

- Crawled through the booth (how is this a big choice?)

- Held the baby (this too?)

- Shot Rebecca (I thought for a moment that she might have been not a walker, but her groans made it too risky)

- Told Jane to save Sarah, she refused so I decided to pull her up on the next option.

- I took the nail file that Jane offered me (why not?)

- Agreed with Kenny that we should leave the next morning (proved to be a bad idea).

Luke proves that he can be a complete dum dum in this episode; and while Kenny had it bad he seemed to have held it together pretty well despite everyone thinking he's going nuts. Does bringing the water with you do anything? I told Mike to get Sarah instead of the water, so I didn't know if that changed anything.

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I'm gonna vouch for SpaceChem and Expeditions: Conquistador. Both games caught me off guard how good they were.

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Well Giant Bomb does steal their Irishman for premium stuff.