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Isn't Candy Crush and Bejeweled really similar? Bejeweled 2 was pretty good when I played it a while back, and it didn't require any microtransactions (3 is probably more of the same).

How about Threes?

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It looked pretty cool when they were showing it off during the GameSpot E3 stream.The relationships thing is interesting at least. I recall one email in the Bombcast mentioning that there were rumors of it being an Arkham game before WB told them to switch to Lord of the Rings, anyone else remember that? Or was I dreaming it?

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I await the day in which and GiantBomb collaborate on a prank.

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As much as I want Goro to be free, this type of stunt isn't exactly uncommon. Heck, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is gonna have like 2 DLC characters that are free only in the first week or so of release.

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I'll echo your sentiment of #FuckArvo

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@viciousbearmauling: @winsord: Oh cool, I wasn't aware of there being a recap mode. That should make it easier for me when I decide to skip 2 and not replay the first one.

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As someone who is slightly interested in playing this series, do the Yakuza games have some kind of continuity that requires one to play through them in order? I've only played the first one, and all I remember was that Michael Madsen was in it. I know that the second one is sorta hard to find nowadays, and the third and fourth had limited releases.

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Gah I haven't even booted up my copy of the first one yet! The reused environments make it sound as if the second one was created to be an expansion or something.

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I think the easiest way to do this is through Google search. I remember someone mentioning how you can utilize Google's advanced search to filter out certain keywords.

But yeah, I agree that searching for specific videos should be easier than it currently is. Maybe they should consider creating catalogs for each type of feature (Breaking Brads, TNTs, Random PC Game, Load Our Last Saves, etc). But right now, I usually just do a video search for the feature's name if I wanted to watch something specific.

Edit: Well, this thread might help.

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@arbitrarywater: Ah I see. I guess it's the rate they produce these games and the time commitment that I find off putting. Seriously, I can't keep up. Good to know that they aren't simply rehashes of Armored Princess.