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I think you might want to look to the wikis and subreddits if you want in depth analysis of the game. A review is just a person's opinion on whether or not you should play a game.

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@believer258: When I first played FFX I was taken aback at how linear it was. I was expecting an overworld and explorable towns due to past experiences. I grew to like it as I played through it though. I agree that it's pretty apparent that the Final Fantasy series is pretty experimental despite sticking to similar naming schemes.

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Fallout is a good one. It's pretty simple for a CRPG, you don't need to research much to understand how it plays. Plus it's like 15 hours long at most, which makes it great if you don't have the time to commit to something extra long.

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I was getting that too. Then I realized that I didn't hit the "To a URL" button. Unless you getting that problem even with that checked off.

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@yummylee: Oh nice! Definitely hoping to see this show up on PC in some form now.

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Although I didn't find the color coded enemies mechanic to be a major turnoff, it was pretty annoying when it would break the flow of a combo. Good to hear that they listened and tweaked it. For some reason, I didn't miss the lack of a lock-on when I played DmC; and I'm the type of player who holds that lock-on button like a lifeline when I'm playing the original DMCs and Bayonetta. I'm interested in seeing how the turbo mode feels, so here's hoping that the PC version gets this update.

One thing I wished they had tweaked in this version is the devil trigger. It always felt more like a "get out of jail free" card rather than a way to mix up your combos. Maybe we might see it in a sequel (of course with an accompanying clown form)?

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If the anime look is turning you off, how about Anachronox? Or maybe Septerra Core? Both are made by Western developers. Although Septerra Core tries too hard to ape the anime style I feel.

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Are the fully 3D ones any similar to the ones on the PS2 (the Iris games)? I know I have the first Iris laying around somewhere unplayed.

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At this point, it's almost mandatory to have at least one cringe worthy question during a GB Panel Q&A. If I didn't know any better, I would have assumed that Jeff had planted some guy to do this on purpose. He has mentioned that he is a fan of Tim and Eric after all.

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I am sick. I just don't know it yet. CURE ME DOC!