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Scammers are dirtbags. Here's hoping that you get your cash back.

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As long as it doesn't have the serious boss grinding that Peace Walker had, I'm fine with it.

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I always thought that it was a turn-based JRPG on the Xbox. Apparently it's a multiplayer online card game?

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Ken looks kinda like Yukari. I kinda feel bad for the people who are planning to play/haven't finished P4 who are gonna realize Adachi is all "Bitches and Whores" through this news. Then again, statutes of limitations and all that has kinda been officially set by ATLUS due to them releasing this news publicly.

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Just checked it out a bit on my copy of Super. The opening movie and title screen seemed to stay the same, but that new menu music is hype!

Does anyone know if you can play others with older version like how Arcade Edition owners can soft downgrade their copy to Super?

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Sounds like he is going to immediately take a flight back to Cali once he hits New York.

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I remember when I first played it I thought the whole game took place in Taris. Seriously, it was a good 5 to 10 hours before I got out of that planet.

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You can also sell TF2 keys at the marketplace for Steam Wallet money at like 2 bucks a pop. I'm sure this applies to Dota 2 keys as well.

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Earthbound is a classic if you are looking for a turn based JRPG with humor.

Edit: Oh damn PC only? The JRPGs by Zeboyd Games are supposed to be pretty good.

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Carrie is the new Editor BET ON IT!