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Rainy Mood can be an alternative if you can't find what you are looking for.

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Oh wow, I haven't realized how long it has been since the last SOMA trailer.

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Mother 3 seems to fit your specifications. It has a rhythm-based combat system. It is also a pretty great game overall. It's not a PS3 game though.

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How has the marketing for this game been? It would really suck if it sold as much as it did over in Japan.

That said, I would totally have had this preordered if I had a Wii U.

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I have some hope that this game will be at least better than Shadows of the Damned. It looks pretty good from what I've seen of the trailers.

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Do threads that are copy-pasted from external forums count as spam? I've noticed that new users would occasionally post threads they've made in other forums.

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Well there's still holiday season right?

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I really really liked F3AR. I liked it more than the second one! I also thought that Hitman Absolution was enjoyable enough.

I also like the Resident Evil movies.

Almost forgot, as a Silent Hill fan I thought Homecoming was serviceable. It certainly wasn't the utter trash it was made out to be.

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I didn't cry but the final hour of Okami had some touching moments.

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@dave_tacitus: Wow you are dedicated. I just filter my games by whether they are installed or not.

If I learned anything from this thread, it's that a lot of games do not fall neatly under a specific genre description. Technically most horror games are just adventure games, Capcom just made up the Survival Horror label to market Resident Evil. Then of course something like Dead Space is closer to being a third person shooter than an adventure game.

And on the RPG front, we have western games like Septerra Core and Anachronox closely mimicking the gameplay systems of what is popularly defined as JRPG.

Genres yo!