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@beachthunder: Oh what? Something should be done to standardize this stuff then.

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I can see your reasoning. If somethings like Meat Boy and Alien Hominid have separate pages, I don't see why this shouldn't.

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Scuba Seth is the best Seth. Does it look like the bottom half of Rose's costume is missing? It looks... lacking.

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I was so close to buying this when I saw it for like a buck a few weeks back, but I couldn't justify adding another game that I probably will never play into my backlog even if it's only a dollar. Glad to hear that it is a somewhat okay game though.

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From my experience spamming fireballs or projectiles recklessly would get you bodied pretty quickly if the opponent knows what he is doing.

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As much as I am excited for this, I think I'll wait for them to patch in the post launch stuff they planned. That, and fix some probable bugs so that when I play I would get a flawless experience.

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I just realized that I don't remember a thing about this game besides the crazy shit that went on in winter and the ending. So winter it is!

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The Destroy All Humans games have the setting you are looking for but:

1) They are all old PS2 gen games.

2) I don't think they were very good.

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First thing that came to my mind was Okami.

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@grantheaslip: I can see why people don't enjoy Suda's games. Most of them are all style with some janky gameplay added in. Killer7 was clunky and the shooting felt like like an afterthought. No More Heroes felt so unpolished and the open world aspect of that game did the game a disservice. The controls were clunky and it seemed like Travis's bike would wipeout at the smallest of collisions. But it does seem like Grasshopper and Suda are getting better at making their games though. Shadows of the Damned's shooting was serviceable if a bit rote, and I've heard from quite a bit of people that Lollipop Chainsaw was Grasshopper's best playing game to date. And judging from your reaction to Killer is Dead, it sounds like they've gotten a lot better since No More Heroes's clunky swordplay.

@ike7779 Yeah, I was initially gonna grab the PC version instead of the PS3 version but a ton of Steam reviews kept mentioning some game stopping bug 3 chapters in.