I wish I met this "Jack" guy earlier

So my two best friends spent the night last night (my parents had left the house to me for two days) and after a lot of discussing, we came to the conclusion that we'd buy You Don't Know Jack for my Xbox360. This was after a long discussion at 2 o'clock in the morning on what we were going to do for the entirety of today (being Saturday...actually Sunday at the time of posting but nobody gives a damn anyway), and we picked this game because we couldn't think of anything else to do or buy.

I'm so glad we bought this game.

First off, I knew about You Don't Know Jack before this game was released as many people did. My Dad owned a copy of the Sports trivia edition for the PC back in the '90s (far too far back for me remember much besides haplessly trying to figure out what the heck was going on when I was playing...I was five years old!).  All I remembered was the Mac telling me that I didn't know Jack. I wanted to know what the game was all about, but my Dad sold it at a garage sale, and I had to wait until now to finally see a new version of the game released.

So after driving too far to find a used copy of the game and pulling out all of the stops I could on deals and store credit (I didn't actually trade in anything...) I ended paying five bucks for this game.

Best. Five. Dollars. Spent. Ever.

I've only played through 6 episodes (and I refuse to play online, I know how THAT goes with all of the freaking cheaters...) but I played through all of those 6 with my friends and we loved  it. The game is an absolute riot and the trivia actually makes you think a little, and it's not all impossible trivia. Sure it's irreverent; but it's good trivia all the same. The questions aren't that hard if you take time to think about what they're asking and then looking at the answers.

The game does irk you a bit though when your friends decide that they need to screw you AND ONLY you whenever they hear a "what?" coming from your mouth when you hear a question. I learned to keep my mouth shut when I heard something ridiculous come from the T.V. screen.

The writing is clever and witty, and it's just an all-around good time with friends. 73 episodes is a LOT of gameplay, and I'm sure we'll be able to replay episodes when we've forgotten about them (hell I might even buy those extra episodes available on XBL).

I should just write a formal review for this. The only complaint I have is that the episodes are all EXACTLY the same when you play through them a second time, so it's easy to cheat and it takes the random factor out of the game if someone has played them before (this happens of XBL).  However, if there were a few jokes in an episode you were dying to hear again, it's quite easy to go to the one they're in and listen to them over and over again.

Honestly, that's probably a legitimate claim, too. The writing is that good. My friends and I were caught laughing too hard at a few crude jokes to hear the instructions from the T.V. screen.

Well, you're probably ready to comment (or not) now. So I'll let you go. Thanks for reading!