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What a day for... Germany... I guess : )

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After doing a play through I wanted to post a review of this game as it seems to have been released under the radar of the general gaming community. I'd post this in the actual review spot but doesn't seem to be giving an option at this time and I wanted to post this for anyone who may be on the fence cause its a few bucks off for the next couple days. If I am missing something in the 'post review' process please PM me, thanks!

Reviews can now be posted, thanks whoever processed that!


I picked up A Story About My Uncle (ASAMU) after a few of its trailers surfaced on the front page ( and the premise, initially at least, of a story not about the player character I found as an approach to storytelling worth picking up. The game doesn't hold back on level detail opening with a well crafted house belonging to the Uncle complete with little easter eggs lining the wall. After some exposition and a flip of a switch your whisked away to a magical land of floating rocks, power crystals, and fun slingshot platforming!

The game play consists of getting from one floating rock to the another and following the Mirrors Edge style is first person in a 3D landscape. However, unlike Faith, leaping from building to building in ASAMU it feels more like your flinging and vaulting from island to island. After getting the basics and being given all of your powers (four total) the design of the levels seems to have some times to recover from a hiccup with a focus on replaying with time trials and speed running. In other words, its a fun jaunt through as a beginner with a little bit of 'where does the game want me to go next' but no one puzzle took more then half a dozen attempts, but for the more hardcore there is room for improving time.

The voice acting will range from good to cheesy at times (to be fair the team making is based in Sweden) with a plot akin to... well, a kids bedtime story (which is what it is). However those are balanced out by some very good looking levels and an enjoyable soundtrack.

All in all, it'll probably take a couple hours to beat but its priced the same as a trip to the cinema in the US, and seems like that level of reward for the price. I will probably do a few more runs of this game to unlock some of its extras (given at set milestones of uncovering items in each of the levels which include 'Goat Mode' and 'Midas Mode'. For anyone reading who doesn't know, this is the same publisher as Goat Simulator so I really want to know what this is... Enjoy!

tl:dr; The moment from Portal where Glados has you 'fling' expanded into a whole game... and occasionally rocket boots.

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Mount Tabor, Portland, OR, USA

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While I know the travel week should foremost be a week off from work and enjoying the great US... any chance we'll see a little Travelogue of the trip?

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stumbled across a clip of him talking about his sitting on cake event during the GDC pie-into-toilet event and had me cracking up. I still miss him : (

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I can't recommend Spelunky without knowing you and what games you enjoy. Spelunky is unflinchingly challenging and unforgiving and (this may sound weird) but demands your humility and respect before you can kick its ass. Its also a game that has made me burst out laughing more then once by the absurdity of events that can happen. You think you have a handle on the game then due not only to the procedural design of the levels but the behavior of the different AI's you have these fantasical scenarios that happen.

Today for example I ended up pissing the shopkeepers off in the mines and while navigating down to the exit I find a shopkeeper (they wait at exits after being angered every level) in this constant battle with a spitting snake. He would leap up in the air angrily only to get a spit of acid to the face. After shaking himself off he would leap again and again and it was delightful to watch the shopkeepers, these feared demons of the game, being bested in a hilarious manner.

Its a game that after the marathon of wanting to beat Olmec and maybe onto Yama you have this haze lift and its an enjoyable game you can just sit down and jump into and see what happens either once a day for the daily or while on a bus ride or whatever. Also even after beating Yama you could dedicate each day to challenges like finding all the different worlds (the Worm, Castle, and Spaceship), besting all the mini bosses, trying for the Speedlunky 8 min Olmec time, or the fabled No Gold run.

And on top of that it has two brilliant modes of Multiplayer. The 'Co-op' mode where alliances are broken at the first mistake and its a stab fest to make it to the exit first or the Deathmatch mode which with people on level skill level results in bedlam.
So if that sounds interesting then yeah pick it up (even though I know at the time of this writing you already had just felt like contributing)

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Web gun. Its a solid item early game that is under appreciated imo thats cheap and ok to toss after you get yourself outfitted

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@jayc4life really nice jukes around the ghost, hope you enjoyed the challenge and gl next time!

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My entry for the Fast Friday Speedy Saturday challenge ended exactly how I wanted; in horrible, horrible death. I can't wait till next week to try to balance my greed vs the time given.

Here is a brief run down of what the 'speed challenge' were talking about is....

The Fast Friday Speedy Saturday Challenge is welcome to anyone to try. Here are the rules...

  • The person with the most money wins
  • You have either 10 in game minutes or 12 real time minutes to complete the challenge (if you are still alive at that time you choose to [End Adventure] from the menu)
  • Anything goes; Ghosting farming, killing shopkeepers, Olmec or Yama bonus cash, etc
  • Proof of either end of game screenshot showing in game time + money with your death or a video recording of your run is needed for submission

The point is to show skill in acquiring money while also managing your time efficiently as well as providing shorter footage to compare with other racers as well as 'level the playing field' for spelunkers who haven't gotten out of the first few worlds. If you are in need of a 'stopwatch' you can one of the timers from Speed Runs Live

Here are the scores so far

  • Name / Money / Time
  1. @beachthunder with $60850 in 10min 01sec
  2. @thurbleton with $22,900 in 2min 19sec
  3. @amarriner with $22,850 in 8min 4sec
  4. @jayc4life with $15,900 in 3min 32sec

Again, time is only counted if over the 10/12 timer

I will update the leaderboard as people post

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I'm not sure which is the more epic death / suicide but awesome tales today heh heh