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I think I need to start using my mic more when I group up with new people. I just see too many new player mistakes and hopefully I can just explain stuff to them instead of going "I'm so angry" in team chat all the time.

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yeah I got in yesterday along with what seems to be a wealth of new players.

I wish they would have better explanation of the core mechanics and the control scheme, but it's a beta so... yeah. Game seems to be decent so far.

And yeah I'd be up for a GB clan

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@Lukeweizer: Yes you need to delete the content, but since it's tied to your account you can just redownload it again.
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Crazy Rain combos like this?   

  Yeah, he has pretty damn good punish combos. The problem is, he has a real issue mounting an offense and can get zoned out pretty easily. Plus the majority of his moves hit high, so he has no real mix up game.
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I so fucking knew this would happen. The bitterness that capcom has towards inafune was just too obvious.

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If the supreme court is going to vote in favor of the WBC 8-1, there's no reason to worry about them not voting for the EMA.

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from the mongol game I just played (settler difficulty, huge map, hey I needed to get those achievements eventually!) The change that has the biggest effect to me is the tile spacing between cities.  While in general I think it's for the best, sometimes you will settle cities in areas that you normally wouldn't because of the new rule.
While denouncements expiring are nice, if a bunch of civs think you're a war monger and all denounce you, it doesn't matter if you're peaceful the rest of the game everyone will still hate you. 
As for everything else, man the changes they've made to this game make it completely different from when it launched!

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Info Addict.
Just download it, it's honestly one of the best mods for the game. Hell I'm surprised firaxis isn't just going to patch this mod in because it's seriously that useful. For those of you who don't know what it is, Info Addict gives you graphs and tables that help you analyze data in a way similar to Civ IV. One of the more useful things is that it shows you relations between civs visually instead of the cluttered mess that firaxis put in the game by default.

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Should be called "Risen 2: Bong Water"

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@Onno10 said:
" Don't forget the best one: Pillaging your own resource will cancel a trade agreement peacefully, so can sell it, pillage it, repair it in an infinite loop! "
I knew about that, but I didn't mention it because I wouldn't be surprised if they took out self pillaging in the future.