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#1 Posted by tiara (74 posts) -

i'm really happy for vinny and hope that this change makes his personal and work life better!

fingers crossed that the amount of vinny in our lives will remain the same or rise to uncontainable levels

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this is art

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@gatehouse: It's fine, thanks for the kind words! The person who got the last poster is probably appreciative that you didn't get two. :p

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If anybody bought two copies of the poster, I would love to buy the extra off you and pay for whatever the shipping is to Australia. It's a gift for someone and I'd really appreciate it.

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Added it to cart but then it got sold out in the checkout process. :(

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I've been stuck in the Bachelor Pad level, hitting the golf ball everywhere and clicking on everything that I can but I can't seem to find the solution.

I was worried my game was bugged so I restarted a couple of times but I still can't seem to work out the solution.

Hints/solution please? Thanks in advance

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I want to do something, but I know that I can't do anything for Ryan. Even if he's given me a smile on my shittiest days, even if he's picked me up from a slump, I can't do anything for him. I was looking forward to PAX Australia so I could express my thanks to him and let him know how he's changed my life, but I can't do anything anymore.

It feels like a debt that will never be repaid, and I hate it. Please be well in death, Ryan.

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Don't you make the security questions up yourself? I don't think you can blame GFWL for your own questions.

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I would love a more in-depth interview. This game was a really amazing experience and I'm glad that it all paid off for them in the end. And good job to Klepek as well for fighting for it in the GOTW awards as well!

#10 Posted by tiara (74 posts) -

Dropped $15 on this, really hoping that it makes it.

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