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Pointed Acts of Tasteless Violence 0

God of War: Ascension is very nearly the best game in the series.It also might be the worst.Every plus is dogged with a minus. While environments are varied, expansive, and breathtaking in scale, the camera often pulls out so far you lose yourself in the goat scrum, little more than a spinning, sparking mote on ever-shifting ground. The game is gorgeous to behold, when it’s not freezing, hitching or dropping all sound. Presentation has never been better; shame that it hangs on a weightless story...

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Bisecting Built for Two 0

I know what’s coming.Not precisely when or how, although by now I can read a room pretty well. I’ve been here before. Different ships, different hallways, same monster tactics. Same Perpetual Startle Machine Dead Space always has been, more or less.But it still gets me.The franchise has ostensibly traded out terror for tension, but I don’t know the difference. It feels the same. I still walk gun-up through every room, breath held, heart thudding; I still panic a bit when something drops on my he...

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Way(s) of the Ninja 0

Today I was a demon.(Crouched in the shadows / Breath held; a guard walks below / Earnest blade whispers)I skulked vents and slunk along ceilings, watched my prey walk beneath me unaware. Every victim was bait for the next; his body dropped into a conspicuous puddle of light or hanged from a post in the path of a foe, where it’s likely to be seen. When you walk the Path of Nightmares, bodies are tools to cause terror and panic. And panic makes good cover.Then I was a shadow.(Silence is golden / ...

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Rise Up, Icarus 0

I keep trying to put my feelings about Kid Icarus: Uprising into words, but words fail me.I did not expect this game – not the non-stop action or sharp, clever writing or joyful excess that redefines ‘feature complete’ in an age of increasingly spare experiences sold at a premium and completed with DLC.I did not expect to fall head-over-heals for the multiplayer, especially since it centers on the much-maligned on-foot mechanics – nor did I expect to grow, not only tolerant of the controls, but ...

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