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I really hope that ghosts get retroactively uploaded. To the few friends I may have playing this game I certainly want them to be flabberghasted by my ghost just smoking them on the time trials... because secretly I drove around the track 12 times to get that time. But I want them to feel the pressure!

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Because I can wait. I'm up to my eyeballs in video games, and considering I'm the type of person who already throws aside TV and movies in claims that I don't have enough time because all of my freetime is spent watching either Giantbomb Quicklooks, Youtube videos, playing games on my PC (modern gaming), Mac (Haswell), 360 PS3, Vita, 3DS or Android phone.

Since getting a full time job I've had the money to buy both without feeling too burned in my wallet over it, but I realized that there were no games that I really cared about that I couldn't get on PC with my ridiculous Jeff-esqe 2560x1440 monitor.

Battlefield 4? On PC where it belongs.

Watch_Dogs? PC and I'll wait for the reviews.

AC Black Flag? PC if I decide that I want some more AC.

Titan Fall? PC, of course!

Destiny? Dunno, looks like Borderlands to me, and I didn't really care for Borderlands.

I will probably come around by summer 2014, though. Gonna want to play NHL 15 and whatever other interesting crap comes out for it... like Forza 5...

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Fuck yeah! Among the Sleep, Deadly Premonition and BroForce are the games I look forward the most. I don't really care about Divekick. I highly recommend checking out BroForce they have a demo on their website and it's super good.

Hey, get your own avatar.

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  • Specific Problem: When a video finishes the screen area will turn grey (it appears to be intentionally textured) and the video will restart from the beginning, but only with audio.
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Rest in Peace Ryan Davis. I've been listening and watching your work for hours a week for over four years now and I've always found you to be a funny and lovable man whose presence on countless hours of podcasts, live shows, and quicklooks to be an integrated part of my daily entertainment and my mood in general for all those years. You were a joy in so many lives. And considering how many complete strangers mourn your passing I cannot imagine how much you'll be missed by those closest in your life.

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After 4 days of complete hopelessness I went back this morning...

Working now. My brother and I are working on a region... So... Water under the bridge?

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My brother in another room in my house has played two cities for like 12 hours since it came out.

I've tried to load the game 50 times and I once got into the tutorial. It lost connection at a point and it kicked me out when I tried to visit the neighboring town in the tutorial, sending me straight to the main menu.

At least I have patience, I ain't even angry. I just find it rather comical how badly botched this all was.

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@Thoseposers said:

probably the biggest gripe i have with both persona projects is that no one seems to have noticed that the original characters all have a gradient to their skin color

for example:

you can see that the bottom of her chin has a much darker skin tone than her forehead

I noticed that a long time ago when I started coloring Hiimdaisy's comics for lulz. I ended up using my gradient for Rise's skin for most of the characters.

Here is the gradient information file. It may or may not contain the default gradients, so you may need to delete a redundant set and any other random gradients.


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@Lord_Pent said:

This is why I don't take pictures/video of anything.

This is why I'm planning on gouging my eyes out and living in a cave for the rest of my life.

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@Rox360 said:

Not surprised to see some really poor ideas showing up! The worst offenders are the attempts at blanking out the punchlines of references that are only funny because of the punchline. Meaning they will never end up funny. I'm admit it's really difficult to come up with good stuff, though. I find it helps to keep the name of the game in mind. It's Cards Against Humanity, so get your filthy, offensive and inappropriate on!

Yeah, seriously. I only know one guy in person who'd get even half of these jokes: my brother. So in the mean time, make them so that regular jerk-offs can get it. I don't want this to be a bunch of MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS in my expansion deck, stuff I need to either explain or just say "just grab something else" to my uncle or to my classmate.