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Talim. I actually learned how to do some cool moves with her in SCII but she felt a little underwhelming in IV... Is she even coming back in SCV?

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Before I read the rest of this article I just got done watching episodes S4E3 and E4 of The Wire. As a person who often ignores popular opinion and wholehearted recommendations, I must say that yes, The Wire is fantastic. No hype, no bullshit. Just plain awesome.

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Weird... A really dumb fuck up by EA... but then again, who the hell would want to play BF1943 today? It's one of those "I wouldn't play it if it was free" situations.

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I want my 15 minutes back. I'm that much closer to death and have nothing to show for it.

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@thornie: It was a lot of fun trolling people like you in Caspian Border. I'd even state "I'm a certified Battlefield super fan, but this beta kinda blows" and I'd just laugh as they got into screaming, all caps fits of anger calling me an idiot and trying to explain what beta's mean. Duder, I'm in school for software development, I know more than most that pre-release code will always be buggy. :D

But yeah, the technical issues were a bummer. I can't wait to try the full version and THEN start complaining over what does and doesn't get fixed in the subsequent patches. Hah hah.

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But... but... people... human people, make these games. They make these games to get paid. They get paid because the games make money.

So, yeah, online passes suck. We just need to wait until console games all come with single use serial numbers or we all go into digital sales only. Then we don't need to worry about Gamestop.

When you buy a PC game on Steam, no one is really complaining that they can't sell it... or buy it used. You're buying a license, and that's sort of accepted. But with console games, you're just buying a disc... for now.

Basically, don't fall for project $10. Don't buy used.

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Bleh, around 300 for me. I'm pretty good at BC1 (360), BC2 (360), and I'm solid in the BF3 (PC) beta. I've always credited my movement skills, making sure I'm in the right place at the right time. I've always laughed at myself when I've made fools of people when playing hide and seek with them. "Oh, nope, wrong, I was over here, har har."

@Seppli said:


Awareness is key. Not reaction time. Spotting threats quickly is important to your survival. Here's a high-tech BF3 spotting simulator for your convenience...

My time is 2,3 seconds. How do you fare in the 'real' BF3 test?

No, dude. You're supposed to spot!

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I'm not going to bother looking into downloading it, I don't pirate games and I've long since paid for this game on Origin. Looking at torrent comments it seems that it's really the images of the install disks but being able to actually play it is either total BS -or- there is a way to finagle the game into loading up single player levels. I was suddenly reminded at how smart the Battlelog is because you literally cannot join a multiplayer server without an account with a purchased license on it. So while singleplayer may be accessible we won't have to worry about free riding idiots taking up server slots... probably. :P

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@HeinzSolo said:

Fingers crossed that my PC can run this at Medium graphics settings.

What are your specs? I can give you a healthy guestimate.

For 1080p gaming with high settings and 45-60fps, you're gonna want a GTX570 or a ATI 6950, a good CPU (Sandy Bridge i7 or good Phenom II), and at least 4GB of RAM.

Unfortunately for me, I'm gonna be gaming at 2560x1440, so my GTX570 is gonna be sweating a lot for this game. I can't wait to see how it compares to my time with the Alpha.

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@sonicrift said:

Alex Navarro said it best. "Also, straight up, if you play Monster Hunter, we can't be friends."

My favorite games are Battlefield. I've played the Portal games multiple times. I've spent a lot of time in Garry's Mod. In my youth I made a few UT2003 maps. I've never finished a Zelda game. I enjoyed FFXIII. I love Elder Scrolls. I've played the Crysis games. I really like Mirror's Edge. I play Frozen Synapse and Total War Shogun 2 on a regular basis now...

And I'm a sucker for Monster Hunter. I want to play some god damn coop with a friend over the internet on my Vita this time next year.

When you cut me, do I not bleed?

Damn your ignorant heart, Alex Navarro! *shake fist and shout into the sky*