Video game ladies I'd take to a hotel room.

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Posted by Pepsiman

Poison's inclusion on this list makes things nice and ironic. :)

Posted by Tiger_Buttercup
@Pepsiman: "she's" for those nights i'm feeling frisky.
Posted by wealllikepie

lol with bayonetta you should prepare to be awfully dominated :P

Posted by Tiger_Buttercup
@wealllikepie: I'd totally let her turn me into rings if she gave up that booty first.
Posted by Y2Ken

I feel GLaDOS is probably the most impractical here. But I'd be interested to know how it went. =p

Posted by Nowayman

You would take a hedghog female to a hote room ? 
Ewww... and to think that I was creepy ! XD

Posted by vgarcia

What about Kaileena, the Empress of Time?

Posted by AlphaCentauri
Posted by Siphillis

Misty's 10 years old.  Just sayin'.

Posted by Tiger_Buttercup
@Siphillis If there's grass-type Pokemon on the field, play ball.
Posted by TechHits
@Tiger_Buttercup said:
@Siphillis If there's grass-type Pokemon on the field, play ball.
Posted by RagingWolf

If you've got Rachel in there, you may as well have Platinum

Posted by TWiSTEDmerc

Pretty good, I would've also recommended Rebecca Chang from DR 2 and was Ada Wong in there?