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Action games that require inputs over more than 2 degrees of freedom just don't work so well on these devices. It just gets worse when you need to take up screen space with buttons too.
But while it is the FPS genre that seems to be the showcase for shiny new GFX tech, there are other genre's that could benefit. Adventure games that involve exploration and environment manipulation would be great. From stuff like the Schism games to next week's release of Amnesia.

Although, maybe without the evasion stuff.
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Time to preheat the charbroiler. I can only expect a first or third person action title from Starbreeze which isn't really what I want out of a Syndicate game but they have good form so I doubt it'll suck.

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I recognised the clacking of the Point Blank light guns before it came into view. Man, I played that game so much on the lunch break for my old summer job. That and Sega Rally.

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It's the main stat for Thief and Ranger classes. It's a bit like agility from what I gather but of a more sneaky nature. Along with other stats it'll determine whether you manage to surprise the monsters during an encounter and get a free round of turns. It may also contribute to the attack order in the first round and possibly subsequent rounds too. It probably has an influence on damage dealt using daggers and bows too as well as determining the success of certain class skills, like stealing.

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Mostly d-pad. The stylus comes in handy for movement in open areas so you can take the shortest route but lacks the fidelity to navigate in cramped spaces. Never use it anywhere else, the d-pad is just quicker in the menus. It is nice to see that almost anything you can do with buttons can be done with the stylus though making one-handed play possible.

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Price is way cooler. Right now I have the urge to go back and play the first CoD since his original incarnation appears there. Shame the Pegasus Bridge section lacks the bagpipe playing that happened during the real operation.

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Gameplay-wise I felt that I got less recoil when using the holographic over the red dot, so I could fire longer bursts with it. There's no real world reasoning behind this being the case, it just seems to be a way to make it better in the game than the red dot since the holographic is a later unlock.
I could however be wrong, the red dot has a little bit of zoom so the recoil would seem more pronounced and then there's the aim assist too. I do seem to do better with the holographic though, its only real drawbacks are the bulky sight housing and the lack of zoom. But it does feel that I can go for 5-6 round bursts instead of 2-3, especially at longer distances.

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My heli tactic is to sit in the back as an Engineer with RPGs and plenty of repair tool use. :D

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Cold pizza > Microwave re-heated pizza
If you want to re-heat a pizza, do it in the oven. Limp soggy pizza is not pizza.
Cold pizza also just pips hot pizza in my book for the simple reason that I can't burn my mouth on a cold one.

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Massively Multiplayer Offline - "Not like this"
Find a number of MMOs which have closed down and shut off their official servers. 
Tools of the Trade - You'd be the First Person to be DOOMed if you didn't have the standard kit.
Find a bunch of weapons you expect to find in any FPS.

Quest Set - Air, Land and Sea

Do a Barrel Roll - Scramble and engage this squadron.
Find a number of combat flight sims.
Tread Heavily and Carry a Big Gun - Hull Down and Button Up.
Find a number of tank sims.
 Run Silent, Run Deep - Find this wolf pack in the Atlantic vastness of the wiki.
Find a number of submarine sims. 
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