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Yes, Microsoft does it for XBOX and GFW, Blizzard does it for WOW and zr40 does it for Steam.
Probably there is no point if you just play XBOX, but if you play on multiple platforms like me it would be just great, as there is anyone doing that yet, and GiantBomb is the nearest to that, as they already have invented a common measure system (ach)
Why they have invented that if there is no real use for ?
Let's see how much stupid the idea is when someone else will do it...

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This kind of people loves to play games and loves challenges, this would be just another challenge, if you are a gamer you know what i'm talking about.
I found this site searching hints for achievements, it can be a reason to let new people to join this site, maybe then you'll come back here for other reasons, maybe because you find other useful informations or just because you like the community...
But, there are tons of gaming sites while there aren't any with a global achievement ranking system, it can be something that make this website unique.
As most of the work has already be done here, there is only the last step to do, the rank page!!
The achievement metagame is really common, expecially on xbox but not only, half of my guild in WOW is actually farming achievements, many (millions) of people is doing that on xbox, and many others on Steam aswell.
For me, it's an added Value, and if i have to choose i first buy a game with achievements, then i look for the others.
I don't see anything strange in this i'm sorry, to be honest the strange thing is that there isn't any chart/rank except the forum poster chart, and to rank up to that chart you do not have to play, but you have to spam on the forum :/
FYI - steam based rank system: 

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Basically the only reason i've joined this website was because of achievements, i was so sure that there was already a rank system for the achievements, while there isn't..
The real question is "what's the point to manage and register achievements and assign points and ach if there isn't a real use for them ?"

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? it's the challenge of the challenges
the point is to play games with achievements to get an higher rank, thousand of people is doing that already, does it look so strange to you?

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Hi, i love the idea to have a place where all of my achievements will be counted with an "universal" measure system.
You have already invented the so callled "ach" points.
So what about making an ACH points based rank system?
It will be the bigger metagame ever!!
Do i have any chance to get that in the future?
I like to "fight" for achievements, and i'm not the only one, many people on xbox is doing that, and also steam thanks to the zr40 steam based chart.
Sorry if it has been already discussed before

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Hallo ?!? are you aware of this already ?

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nevermind i've found it, how often is updated? daily ?
By the way is missing the chart number, you  have to manually count your position....

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Sorry guys i've browsed the whole site but i can't find any member chart based on achievements, where is it ?

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Hi, if you have noticed it's a couple of weeks that steam has added another tab on the achievement window, i'm a  new user and the problem is that giantbomb recognizes only games that i've recently played instead of all games.
Basically the web script should look for  a different base link, that is now:
is there any workaround to this? thanks