13: Overshadowed FIghting Game Characters

This list is post-SSFIV, meaning Makoto and Dudley aren't going to make the cut when they originally would have been included.

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Posted by doublezeroduck

You're right on with Rolento and Sodom. Always liked them. Good list overall. 

Posted by TheUnsavedHero

Q was and always will be my favorite Street Fighter. Would really like to know his backstory, but it would almost certainly ruin his mysteriousness. Great list.

Posted by Tigermave
@UnsavedHero:   He is definitely a great character for that reason. I love the conspiracy theories about him, even the off-beat one about him being Balrog (!?)
Posted by Habast

This list made me laugh, totally true. Andy is my favorite in KOF, Adon is much more fun to play than Sagat IMO, and Rolento and Sodom were some of my favorites in Alpha.