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A solution for the used games market is in place? That solution in their mind, seems to be taking hold themselves of the used market and it's profits. But I don't see how's that possible with physical copies.

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And I can say is that it's not even platform specific. The game keeps either crashing to the dashboard or on complete lock-down for the Xbox360. Some people get lucky and only happens 2 or 3 times trough the whole campaign, but other get the same just by going trough the tutorial.

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Assassins Creed games had 2 editions in Portugal. 1 equal to the rest of EU and another with dialogues and menus in portuguese, and respective cover announcing it. Guitar Hero and general party titles = same. Halo Reach with Spanish dialogs. etc etc. Borderlands 2 on the 18th ? Perhaps. IIn my country every store announced it for the 21rst and you could not find it before. Like I said, 2 days difference in a small country for the same edition, its just a small detail and on ocasion it may even be atributed to the local importer/distributer. But if its an edition with actual diferences (be it language or subtitles or even extra content) adding to the diferent release date, to me it deserves a new wiki entry.

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@Snail: its not that rare.. In Portugal often our release date is 2 or 3 days later. In editions that are equal for all of europe the release date is a detail. But if its a localized edition with portuguese voices or subtitles, its a diferent edition with a diferent release date, and you can't put it in the wiki.

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Well I didnt know about that but still doesnt change the fact that most releases wiki are inacurate , incomplete or plain wrong because of this minor detail. Take Mass Effect 3 for ex. My xbox copy has a PEGI 18 red square in the lower left. In the back says clearly-'Made in EU- Not for suply in the UK.'. This box is not in the wiki. All one can find in the 17 releases in wiki is either the UK edition with a red circle(not PEGI), or the actual cover I have and described, but identified as UK release, which the cover itself says its not. If you try to correct, you simply cant. There is no EU.

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I noticed this while searching for my ME3 release in the game page. Could not find it. The regions only display United Kingdom for all of Europe when UK is exactly the only european coumtry with a diferent release. UK does not follow PEGI.info age rating like the rest of europe. Games sold in the EU space cannot be sold in the UK and the oposite

also true. Which means that as it is you can never actually have the acurate releases info and pics in here. Is this going to be fixed?

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yeah. Made my account 3 a week ago, and all my achievements showed up when I added my gamertag. After that, no more achievements were tracked, for any game whatsoever. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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Yeah. Not that often, but now and then, I still like to go back to it.
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Last few days, Deus Ex:Human Revolution. Today, Forza 3. 2 days from now, Gears 3. ;)