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Never forget.

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I should really be playing this game...

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My first JRPG was actually FFVIII. I really enjoyed it so I ran through FFIX, then back to FFVII. I'm doing a playthrough of FFVI right now on SNES. First time playing and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

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Just to clarify, I wasn't claiming that games have ruined my life or anything in my original post. I have my own problems that aren't related. I was just curious as to if anyone had ever been cast out of a group of people for being "too nerdy".

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@allworkandlowpay said:

@PenguinDust said:

It's hard to say these days, but in my youth it was quite the opposite. I was deep into paper-and-pencil RPGs as well as tabletop games, so I sought out other real-life players to game with. Today, a lot of that can be done online and that removes the necessity for face-to-face interaction. In the broad sense of being a geek, I'd say it helped my social life by providing common ground on which to associate with others including those of the opposite sex. Conventions for games, comics and anime provide an excellent stage to meet others with similar tastes.

They are also a breeding ground of disease. Shit the amount of nearly anonymous sex that goes on at nerd interest-related conventions is astounding.

Nearly anonymous sex at nerd interest-related conventions? I was unaware of this... I may start going to conventions..

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So I was just bumming around the house and I came to a realization.. I've been single my entire life. I wish I could blame this on being an outcast because I'm a "nerd" or something, but I fear it's probably just because I'm a shitty shitty human being. Nevertheless, it led me to a decent subject for us to examine. Has being a "nerd" changed over the course of the last couple decades? Are nerds the new jocks? And has being a gamer, or being heavily into games ever had an effect on your social life? (whether it be socially damning or you just not spending time with real people because you are too busy playing Skyrim/Diablo/whathaveyou...)

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I think I might be just enough of an asshole to do this to my kid.. Though, things like this may be the reason I don't have a kid... Or a wife for that matter.

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I really dig the 2012 Bombcast intro, save for the fact that when the second guitar comes in with the octaves, it ever so slightly out of tune. I feel like that cheapens it a bit, but it's still my favorite.

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Well, I'm gonna go ahead and introduce myself here because I pissed off some mods by introducing myself in GD. Hey, everybody! My name's Wes and apparently I look like a young Tim Schafer.

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@ShadowConqueror said:

Welcome! My nostalgia game is Diablo 2.

How excited are you for Diablo 3 next tuesday?

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