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I'm pretty sure that the people who run WWE.com are certifiably insane after coming up with this feature.

Although, it did give us this:

I'm pretty sure Joey Styles is just trying to get fired, but no one in the WWE has noticed.
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How does it go with the gooch?

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@BraveToaster I'm much the same (I shave my pits is probably the only difference), and I always shower twice a day and spray as often as I need to.

This is my second bad experience with a Nivea, so won't be going with that anymore.

I'll probably stick with Rexona and Lynx at this stage, as I rotate through a few different ones and they are all effective. I've also got the Old Spice I bought in Hawaii for the lols that I'll use until it runs out (don't sell it in Aus I don't think).
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I think your expectations are too high on the hand-holding present in old games.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

@aurahack said:

@FluxWaveZ: I feel like pointing out that the ME3 debacle was, for the most part, a pretty heavily entitled argument.

There was no entitlement until there was demand for a new ending. Before that, it was people complaining about it because it was a shit ending. The outrage obviously wouldn't have been as huge if that wasn't the majority opinion and the media did their best to make as though nothing was wrong and it was another case of "the Internet being the Internet".

That was the whole debacle, though. People complaining is nothing new. It was people demanding for Bioware to completely void and sacrifice their artistic integrity because they feel like they "deserved" something better. Fuck that shit. Fuck that shit times a million.

Nice to see someone else on here gets it.
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He might be using a deodorant that reacts badly with him when he sweats.

I recently bought a bottle of some Nivea for men stuff to wear during the day and I found that after a couple of hours pulling some boxes of samples around the office (long story), I had this really distinct sour smell coming out of me.

Whipped my undershirt off and sprayed some Lynx instead and all was good, but it's not something I've ever had happen before.

He could legitimately not realise...or he could just be an unhygienic motherfucker.

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@Tim_the_Corsair: wait,did you just take everything i said and turn it around? so that you basiclly said the exact same thing that i did only the exact opposite?wow.thats impressive. you must have a vasty enhanced brain to handle all of the computing power that required. huh.you even manged to quote me,word for word.im in awe. totaslly speechless. instead of coming up with a counter argument you just repeated what i said and flipped it. fantastic.

Your allright,Tim...Your allright.

Congratulations, you worked out that the ignorant person I was referring to was, in fact, you!

Well done sunshine.
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@Colorwind Ehhhhh, I disagree with most of your points regarding SotN, and feel it is superior to SM in almost every way.

Also, the backdash is useful against certain bosses, and is the fastest way of getting around the castle, as you can absolutely book with it when used correctly.

I feel like maybe your time with both games might benefit from reading the general hints section of a game guide or something.
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I'd say ignorant people who dismiss "indie games" due to hype that is generally coming from journalists and not, in fact, the developers.

Especially when those games are dismissed as being mere 2D platformers of the old school vibe or special for the sole reason of a lack of killing and tits, when this often could not be further from the truth (Fez, Braid, Limbo, etc).

Oh, and especially when those games actually are doing things from a gameplay, visual, narrative, etc sense that is unique when compared to the mainstream.

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My insomnia is way, WAY better than it was when I was younger, but I am still an ultra light sleeper and never get more than 6 hours a night (usually less, and I wake up every hour or so).

The good news is that I can usually function for a couple of days with no sleep, and a couple of weeks on absolutely minimal sleep, which has been handy in the past with deadlines and such.