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I've got all four of them and have always held them in fairly high regard. Sure they're not perfect (and I don't play a huge number of squad-based shooters so can't offer critical comparisons) but C:DS was one of the first PS2 games I ever owned and I still have my copy. Never did get why they got such abysmal reviews (and yeah Vietnam was weaker but it was good fun if you looked past the obvious flaws).

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About 94 after my first run I think. I'm now partway through my second (just before summer break) and on about 126.

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Kind of a boring answer but i like all of them in different ways (yes, including Yumi). Overall though, gotta say Chie. No one else, guy or girl, is as much fun to hang with as her.

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Well I bought it purely on the basis of the ER (having only decided to start watching it around episode 50) and it's the only RPG I've ever owned. Never would have made it on my radar without help from GB.

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Nasreen for me; don't know how many times she's pulled me out of the shit, but a lot. Always ends up as my best buddy in act 2, I always get the first one killed somehow  :( 

EDIT: Sure enough, Hakim just died and now Nasreen's my number 1 yet again.