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: Oh, just look at it...lol..I remember when he first started...you should watch the early ones!
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:     Check @ 1:30 mark!
                                 Best Race!
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Yeah I mean we have seen why the Wii sells.It is cheap, easy to hook up, and all about name recognition. These moms and dads have no idea about wifi, hdmi cables, extra membership cards. You mention this and they cannot handle it. I have found  that most people in the 40-60 year old dem are of two groups. Those who will come in and ask many questions, and usually decide the Wii is the best choice, or they are people who come in and have been told by their children what they want or absolutely know what they want themselves and they just buy whatever with no questions asked. Very rarely do people come in, looking for family entertainment, and then go with a 360. They either go with a PS3 due to it having blu-ray, yes people still buy one for this reason, or they go to the Wii because their friends have it and it is easy to use.
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I understand that these shows are now aimed at shareholders and the like, but in reading I have found so many saying it is also for the soccer moms and families. Well guess what, they are not watching. They do not watch G4, they only know the Wii, and they are not shelling out $150 for an add on. Think about this, I have worked retail. They will ask, well what does it do? Wel it captures you and allows you to play and interact without a controller. Great how much? It is $150 m'am. Oh and this is all I need? No, you also need a 360, $199 for the Arcade version, but cables,   the ability to use online features wirelessly, and a gold membership is extra. That is unless you but the new shiny 360 that was just unveiled, then you only need a gold membership and extra cables. How much is that one? Oh $299 m'am. Her head swimming at this point, thouroughly confused she will then ask. What about a Wii?
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A scientology and a Lethal Weapon reference. Awesome
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Even with E3,review copies should have arrived several weeks before release for most outlets(Giantbomb seems to get there copies a tad later than others,no idea why).
Anyhow,seeing as most outlets had review copies,there could be several reasons for no reviews.It could  be that E3 sucked up attention,but the other end of the spectrum shows a dimmer fatIf there is an embargo on the reviews still,then it does not bode well for the game.Many times game publishers will embargo reviews until a game is on the shelves when that game is mediocre.........
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So its basically like a sloppy  joe esque burger..but with the taco flavor of their tacos?