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Facebook sells your data to advertisers and the government them having access to the sort of Data they could mine from VR freaks me the fuck out no thank you.

That's why I have distanced my self from them I still have an account but rarely post they already know to much about me.

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I hope this kills always on DRM. To bad it had to kill Sim City with it

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I'm still trying to work out how Dota 2 got so high up on the list

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@jakob187 said:

@time_lord: I thought that Assassin's Creed IV didn't require the season pass stuff anymore, that they had dumped all of that.

You do not need an online pass to access the multilayer they scraped that. They are still selling a season pass though.

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I feel the same way as you the only game I have bought in the last 6 month was Assassins Creed 4 and that was with my PS4 so I would have a game to play. I think a lot it is the fact that I am tired of all the micro transaction bull shit we see in games now days. With Assassins Creed 4 I bought the Buccaneer edition due to the fact I wanted the most complete version of the game I could get (And also that statue is awesome).

But then I was bummed out to find that if I want the complete game I still have to drop $30 NZ on a season pass after spending NZ$150 on the best edition out there. And don't even get me started on the fact that they are selling what are basically cheat codes which let you level up your ship faster. I guess I am just tired of being nickle and dimmed to death there is a reason why I do not play free to play games or IOS games they feel to much like a scam to me.

But if you need to take a break do. I myself thanks to the folks over on Comic Vine am currently going down the rabbit hole that is comics which is a lot of fun and not as much of a commitment as a $110 game each week which is basically what I was doing for most of last year .

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Ill be going with a group of friends from New Zealand

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How about Steam Box powered by Source 2 with The Orange Box 2 and one of the games is Half Life 3?.

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Civ 5 I can get lost for days in that game when I finally find a job I am just going to have to ban my self from playing but in the mean time those barbarians wont kill them self s.

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A big problem I have as I can not watch the videos on the site when they are first released I click play and nothing happens. I normally have to wait a few hours for them to start working or watch them on their you tube channel dam annoying.

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Its strange even though I am against being forced to go digital and always on DRM. If Sony and Microsoft let me pre load games like steam does I will more than likely buy 50 percent of them digitally barbecue it will be faster than shipping to where I live .And the In background downloading and installing on the PS4 looks cool I am not how ever looking forward to downloading a 30GB game that's a 2 day download for me yesh.