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I recently bought a Netgear WiFi Range Extender in hopes of getting a better wireless experience at my gaming battle stations as I kept disconnecting while playing Destiny.

It seems to work extremely well, aside from one issue: The NAT has been set to strict. I've looked online, and apparently they don't come with DMZ options because "They're extenders, not Routers." It doesn't make sense to me as to WHY it wouldn't have that option.

Anyone have any ideas?

Side note: Moving my modem and router are unfortunately not an option.

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@devise22 said:

How many people in this world have played Minecraft, Terraria, or exclusively the MP side of games like CoD/Battlefield and endless others? So you bought a game and experienced zero, or very little story before. But Destiny has very little story? Somehow it's a bad thing for it to do it, but countless others can and it's somehow a fault.

With regards to Minecraft and Terraria, those games present to you a world in which you can go do anything you want. Building, spelunking, hunting, farming, diving, fighting etc. (Almost) Literally anything you can imagine. You make your own story. In Destiny, the story is comprised of a whole bunch of "go here, shoot dudes, push button, shoot more dudes, grab items, shoot more dudes, done." rinse and repeat missions, surrounded by a narrative that just doesn't seem to be grabbing people the way it should be.

Therefore, I don't think its very fair for you to use those as your examples, as they are not even close to the same thing.

Truthfully, the Multiplayer side of CoD/Battlefield games can really only be compared to the Crucible. A lot of people don't like it because not everybody seems to like Halo like they used to. They've gravitated to games where you shoot dudes, and they go down almost instantly. Just look at how popular Team SWAT in Halo was. Very fast paced with minimum dicking around. Don't get me wrong, I vastly prefer Halo to CoD, but when I play in the Crucible I find myself thinking "I'd rather be playing Halo."

@devise22 said:

But people are expecting loot drops all the time, aren't getting it, and 5 hours in are going "meh" with the system. Get to the later loot, grind your way to a legendary or maybe even an exotic. See what some of those attributes on that loot are and you'll see what people are arguing when they say loot is meaningful.

No. My time is important, and the tedium of the grind is NOT worth the enhancements. What good is end-game content if it's incredibly boring to get there? By the time the good shit starts dropping, my friends and I will be entirely burnt out by how overly repetitive it is, a new game will come out, and we will be playing that instead.

@etpc said:

~*reviews are subjective not objective*~

^This.^ Just because you have the time and willpower, @devise22, doesn't mean everyone else will (or should). This isn't a case of the vocal minority making a stink about it.

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This doesn't look good.

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Happy Birthday, duder! Have a great one!

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@patrickklepek: It's just a personal preference of mine, but I find being able to speed run something to 100% without exploiting game breaking glitches to be much more impressive. Not only are you playing through the game the way the designers intended, but being able to prove you're the absolute best at it. Different strokes for different folks. I'm just glad it's classified differently.

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One thing I enjoyed during some of the original bombcasts was the idea of spoiler casts. When Adam Sessler was at Revision 3, he did a show called "Spoiled Games". This kind of content in particular helped me sort out my thoughts about games I finished.

@yeah_write said:

I'd be interested in something similar, but maybe a bit more introspective. Maybe something like, "How I played X." You could tell us--with or without spoilers--how you went through the game and how you felt about your decisions, maybe even get a round table of guests who played it too. Busy gaming dads like myself always appreciate seeing other paths through a game because we rarely have time to make second runs--as a game journo, I'm sure you don't either.

That is an incredibly interesting idea. One would hope that modern games are freeform enough that gameplay methodology could be included in the discussion, as well (and be more interesting than, say, "I liked the shotgun").

This idea could work out. Some games I don't have time to play, and most certainly not a second time through. I think as long as you can get a couple people together who finished it, and weather or not you have to Google Hangout the thing. I've noticed a void for this kind of "One specific game only" content all over the internet. More post-mortems that aren't tailored for the GDC audience only would be great too.

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Giant Bomb is my number one place to go for all things video game related. I love all the different personalities (old and new) and the content they produce on a regular basis.

I am currently sitting here, mid-day Saturday, in Canada, on an American long weekend, with nothing to kill the time at the moment. I've exhausted the games I feel like playing, I've already been outside a bunch doing house work and I just want to relax inside for a few hours while the laundry tumbles before I go out tonight.

I flashed back to a couple years ago, when I found myself in a similar predicament. The first thing I did was come here and knock out a couple quests. I learned some new things and was lead to some pages that needed to be touched up.

TL;DR: I'd like to spend more time surfin' Giant Bomb, and the addition of quests allowed that to happen.