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Yeah, wait until you have spare lockstones and/or join the rat covenant before you spend them in the sewers.

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I played solo in DS1 but I'm loving DS2 way more because I'm working with others.

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I can't seem to tell what the main timer is on the normal mode. I can see that side quests have timers but I'm not sure where to see the main story quest's timer.

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Thanks for all the awesome feedback! Keep it up! I knew GB would be good for this kind of info.

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My fiancé and I want to go to Japan for our honeymoon, but we're clueless as to where in Japan we should aim to visit. I know we'd like to see the sights and check out some traditional Japanese stuff, whether in the city or in a more rural area. I'd also kinda like to see one or two cool videogame-related things that are relatively tourist/wandering friendly. Anyone have any tips, places, cities, etc that they could recommend?

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@Eviternal said:

I don't mean to spam, but Beagle on Youtube is doing an Ironman Impossible run here. His videos are concise and informative - could be a big help to some.

Wow, these are awesome!!

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Really like the Scribblenauts art style applied to Nintendo characters.

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Man, I just renewed a few days ago @$50. Ah well, I visit GB enough. :)

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@ptys said:

Too soon, I never even got a chance to play the last one as I'm already about two years behind. No thank you.

The game is, like, 10 hours long. Once every 2 years is too frequent for you? C'mon.

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I compared running it on Mac and Windows and didn't perceive a big difference. Not a close inspection, but unlike some games I'm sticking with the Mac side so I don't have to reboot to fire it up.