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Not troll messages per se but seeing 'Visions of chest' next to Stone Trader Chloanne and later just finding a message that read 'thrust but hole' appealed to my fucking juvenile sense of humour.

Yup. Just came across this one today. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of these messages.

How incredibly immature!

It made me laugh really hard and I upvoted it.

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Mother of God...

Edit: I wonder if they'll ever get it out of the PC.

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I just happened to catch the Sabrina battle wherein the Pidgeot single-handedly destroyed all opposition.

I accept Bird Jesus as my lord and saviour.

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@timing: In terms of value I think the weapons are more interesting than having a cookie box; that said I already have one cookie box so I might as well get another one. Also maybe the guide page is amazing.

I might as well not have mentioned the Black Armour part, but the point is I much prefer owning physical copies of games to digital ones. That said, since the Black Armour edition comes with some extras for the same price as the regular version I might as well get that. I'm not paying €60 extra for a silly statue and a map though.

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Drakengard 3 isn't released in the West for another three months, but it's been out in Japan since December. As such the soundtrack has recently appeared on YouTube. Unsurprisingly it's awesome, as it's been composed by the same guy who brought us the NieR soundtrack (Keiichi Okabe). I stumbled upon one of the boss themes yesterday and it sounds like this might be an early contender for best boss music(s) of the year.

Just listen to Three's theme:

In the game you play as Zero, a girl on a quest to kill her five sisters (aptly named One, Two, Three, Four and Five). I've purposely not read up too much on the actual story because I might still play the game when it comes out, but each sister obviously has her own boss theme which even consists of multiple variations.

Five might also be one of the breast ones:

I'm not going to post every theme here, but I implore people to check out this soundtrack playlist. It's really good. I might play this game for the music alone, though if NieR was any indication the game itself might be pretty interesting as well.

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@jz said:

This is from months ago.

It's not. The Mirror Knight so far had only been seen from off-screen footage captured at public events, not been shown off in any official video or direct-feed footage like in this preview. Also, while some of the areas are the same as those shown off previously, if you look at the lighting and stair walking animations this is obviously a newer, more polished build of the game than was previously shown in official footage.

Also the video was posted today.

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Here's a new preview from PlayStation Access.

Shows off some of the classes and weapons again and also the full Mirror Knight battle. It all looks more polished than the last time video of this was released, so I'm beginning to get more hopeful.

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The unthinkable happened last night.

Ornstein & Smough defeated! Solo! Seriously.

Twitch link for now.