Best of 2010

Timing: Best of 2010

Honourable mention: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for being the first racing game I bought in like 7 years.

Also, even though I'm from PAL-Land, I didn't include Demon's Souls. This is because I've been playing the US version which came out last year, and I've also been playing it since last year. It definitely gets the award for 2010's 2009 game of the year though. I probably put more hours into it than any other game ever.

Games I haven't played that probably would've made the list: Red Dead Redemption (not very interested in it yet and I don't like the protagonist at all, but I'll likely still get it someday as it does look amazing Edit: played it, excellent game, would've made top 3.), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (I just bought 1 this year and kind of had my fill. I'll also eventually get this one of course), Shantae: Risky's Revenge (I don't own a DSi).

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Posted by SuperWristBands

Lost Planet 2! *high five*