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@meowshi: I get freaked out when my laptop breaks and I'm a computer engineer. There isn't much you can do as so much of computer is bolted to the motherboard. I do not get freaked when something goes wrong on my PC that I built, as I know what is in there and can swap out a part with a working part from an older computer while a replacement is coming.

I primarily play on PC these days because I have been burned too many times with my 360 (currently on my 3rd and thats about to die as well). I refuse to invest further in the 360 because I can see a future where most 360s are dead and then how am I going to play my games. I am still able to play pc games from the 90s (although a bit of dark magic is necessary for the windows 95 days).

The initial investiment into a gaming PC is quite high though but look at it this way. The cost of your average computer and your games console would be more than enough to buy a good pc and then you can just update it every now and then.

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Thanks for updating me on that - shame the person who took it didn't say so.

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If anyone has claimed it, could you please say so. Don't want people wasting their time trying to guess a code that no longer works.

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Ireland would be ripped from that list if we weren't the location of MS EU HQ and all their localisation services. It is odd that they remove the super wealthy Northern European countries and yet Ireland and Spain remain.

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I have hidden the first 2 characters to give late comers a chance to get it.

Hint: John de Lancie

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@stonyman65: Wait, wait - cursive is great. I naturally write in cursive, I have to actively think about writing in block letters.

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Integrated graphics have gotten pretty good in the last few years.

You should be able to get a half decent laptop for around 500 these days. Just make sure it has at least an i3 processor or an i5 if you can get it, an i7 processor would probably only be in the next level of computer.

Avoid Toshiba though, WiFi cards in them seem a bit dodgy.

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  1. Wargame: European Escalation 81 hours
  2. Left 4 Dead 2 79.7 hours
  3. Left 4 Dead 1 68.4 hours
  4. Wargame: AirLand Battle 58.3 hours
  5. Skyrim 48.5 hours
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I see nothing wrong with playstation's stance. They are not enforcing any system side drm. This means publishers will have to implement their own systems - something they can already do now and have done in the form of online passes etc. What they clearly will not be able to do is any sort of online authentication for single player content (as they will alienate part of the market) or any hardware locks.