My New Instrument :)

Well, after 7-9 months of anticipation, frustration and excitement, the day has finally arrived. One amazing instrument was delivered to my house around 1:25pm today. This my friends is my Contrabass Clarinet.

Yes, I am a band geek, hence my geekdum towards this. The fact that only about 500 of these are made a year, and I get to have one is somewhere up between fucking amazing and an honor. The thing is huge, its about 6 feet tall, so its only a little taller than I am. It plays beautifully. I've never heard such a low note. It's so low, it actually rattles. The high notes sound just as solid as the low notes. Overall, I've never played such an amazing instrument.

This is my Bass Clarinet case up against my Contrabass Clarinet case. Yeah, this thing is twice as big as the instrument I've played for 5 years. Between this and Tuba, its going to give my lungs a workout =).

This is my Contrabass up against my bed (My bed is high off the ground). Its really the only thing I could lean it against to take pictures of it standing up. Plus I needed a picture to show people what it looks like 

Putting it together is somewhat of a pain seeing as it's tall and in an awkward shape, but it isn't much of a problem. I'm more worried about transporting the thing, seeing as the case is huge. But I'll figure that out later. I just can't believe that I finally have this thing! I can already hear my band instructor creaming himself because of how awesome this thing is. For the first time, I can not wait for school to start and show this thing off  =)


Holy Shit.

My arms are fucking dead, and I will never, EVER, play this song again.

From now on, I'm sticking to tier 3/4 Drum Songs.

I can't believe I never finished this game.

With the recent news that people over here in the US won't be getting FFXIII until 2010, I was pretty pissed. I've been waiting for this game before Final Fantasy XII came out, which is back in October of 2006. So it will be 3-4 years before I finally get my hands on FFXIII, and well...I'm pretty pissed as I said before.

So, my only alternative is to play plenty of Rock Band 2 and find other RPG's to hold me over. So besides me debating over the fact of whether or not Persona 4 will work on my 60GB PS3 (Which I'm still unsure of), my only option is to look into new RPG titles that are coming out this year. Star Ocean looks pretty sweet, and I have high hopes for White Knight Chronicles, but once again, I won't be holding any of these in my hands for a few months, so it got me thinking of going back to some of my old PS2 RPG classics I still own. I've beaten FFX oh about 8-10 times in the past 3 years, and I've done everything in Kingdom Hearts 2, but that leaves me looking at Final Fantasy XII.

While I totally love FFXII, I have a pretty bad memory of it. For starters, I put something like 100+ hours into that game, since that game was pretty hard, and over half of that time was training. I was just about to the end of it too, not quite to the final boss, but at the point where if I beat the 3 or 4 bosses (all in a row may I add), then I would be at a free point where I could battle the final boss at any point. So what happens? I get the first of the bosses in the 4-chain of bosses, and he totally owns my ass, to the point where I lost any will to go back and try again. His name? Hashmal, Bringer of Order.

With that, I left the game alone for a while, but decided to go back to it when I had my PS3. However, I found that I couldn't. Because I had this 3rd Party Memory Card, for some reason it just wouldn't work with the transfer cable to the PS3, so I lost all my data for FFXII. So not only did I get owned by the game, but I got owned by a memory card.

Since then, I haven't touched the game, but now that it's winter and there is absolutely nothing to do, I feel a little motivation to go back, start from scratch, and really work at beating this game, since it was a really great game. A few little mishaps shouldn't get in the way between me and a great game right?

Hashmal, What a dick.

An overdue update

No blog on this site in 2 months, jeez I'm lazy...

Anyway, my life is currently a bit off balance. For several reasons.

1) I am behind schoolwork-wise for almost every one of my classes
2) I have no motivation to get caught up in any of my school work
3) Games are flooding my house (Stupid pre-orders...) and are collecting dust as I don't play them and do work instead
4) I am becoming more distant with almost all of my friends
5) Every other day I change my mind as to whether or not I want a girlfriend
6) I'm extremely pissy for no reason
7) I hate English, I can't learn a damned thing in French or Geometry, Science and Civics bore me, and the only class I enjoy is Band.
8) I'm basically sick of all the music my friends listen to (They started going into Metalcore and Death Metal), and I have resorted to listening to older/lighter bands (Kansas, The Who, Dream Theater, Tool), which has alienated me from them.
9) Did I mention I hate school?
10) I basically sit on my ass all day and do nothing...and I swear I've gained a little weight.

Only a few things have come out of this:
1) I found some awesome music, and realized how bad the old music I listened to was.
2) I absolutely love marching band
3) I realized I really want a haircut
4) I got a Dream Theater sweatshirt
5) I need to buy more Tool CD's.

Yes, my life is pretty boring/average.
*end of update*


I think my ears are bleeding...

OMFG.....this is terrible....
If you don't know the real song, its "Chop Suey" by System of a Down. However, Avril Lavigne decided to completely destroy the song.......beware, you may suffer severe health problems upon listening to this.


Hey Everyone

Yeah, first blog here. Honestly, I love this. Its 10x better then Gamespot (at least in my opinion), its way less strict, and overall, I just like it way better. I'm still getting used to the layout and all that (sorry to any of you who I accidentally sent multiple friend requests, hehe) And hopefully, more GS people will start to come over to this site (even though a ton have already migrated)