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Buying everything. I already see myself having a ton of fun playing these songs.

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How RB3 didn't feature B.B. King is baffling to me.
All of the Bee Gees and B.B. King for me. Jesus Harmonix, you're throwing everything you've got at us lately.

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Stayin' Alive FTW. Probably getting more too. 
Edit: I just realized Harmonix had access to "Stayin' Alive" and didn't put it in Dance Central. I need to slap someone.

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I know Manchester, NH is in there. Yay NH!

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I just can't seem to understand why they're appealing... it just sounds like they repeat the same exact thing over and over again... and it is really boring to play.
Of course, that's my opinion. Feel free to hate on a band I like :P

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The Muffs - Outer Space 
Pretty Girls Make Pretty Graves - Something Bigger, Something Brighter
Ravonettes - Last Dance
The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think....
Those are the only songs on disc that I don't like to listen to and don't enjoy playing. There are, however, plenty of songs I like to listen to but despise playing, such as Antibodies.

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@Vigorousjammer said:
" @Timma1083:  hmmm... I suppose that DOES make sense. :-/  It still kinda sucks, though it's better than not getting any of those old tracks at all. "
I agree; its not exactly ideal, but it certainly could be much worse. 
@Redbullet685 said:
" What about the Billy Joel DLC? Is that out already? "
The release date I heard for it is December.
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I think the main problem with your idea is that to simply upgrade a song with keyboards and harmonies, you not only have to add charts, you literally have to change all the audio stems, which is probably where relicensing the songs comes in, hence why we're paying in full again.

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@JJWeatherman said:
" @ShaggyChu said:

" @Timma1083: @JJWeatherman: Well the tracks are listed as "RB3 version" so you won't have a problem distinguishing between the new versions and the old ones. "

 True. I was thinking the problem was more having to do with the old versions coming up on random setlists  though. Of course that's easily fixed by rating the old songs 1 lighter (which makes it never show up unless absolutely necessary). So there's no real problem I guess, unless you're OCD about your music library and really don't want to old versions. "
I guess I dislike the idea of having to pull a "Oh, you want harmonies? Play that version." at parties and explaining why I have two versions of the same song every time. That's really my only complaint in this situation.