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Megalon said:
"Hexpane said:
"Megalon said:
"I don't know, I dig almost all the HMX songs I've played. I'm disappointed it wasn't Bang Camaro though.."
Funny thats the only HMX band name I can remember, and for the same reason you mentioned.

I'm not saying the HMX songs in RB are bad.  I'm saying w/ every week we get limited DLC... how high on your wish list were more HMX songs?  My gut tells me it wasn't very high and most of us have wishlists miles long that have yet to be tapped."
Yeah I'll admit to that, I'm not like dying to get some HMX bands into RB. I don't mind having them as a little something extra though, which is kind of what I feel was the case this week.

What I'm really waiting for is that damn Stevie Ray Vaughan album...I thought it was supposed to come out by the end of the 2008 or something."
The albums were never confirmed by Harmonix to come out before the end of 2008, they were just said to come out "in the coming months". Some people (myself included) got confused because this was stated in the same article that said "500 songs by the end of 2008", so a lot of people assumed the 6 albums would be a part of the 500.

And on the subject of HMX bands, I would dig some Bang Camaro or Anarchy Club DLC, but that's about it.
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Hexpane said:
"ROFL who wants that nonsense?  Is MTV now the ones deciding which tracks go up because Kravitz had a new album and is trying to be relevant again?  This is fucking rabbit turns w/ dogg piss jones on the backside."
That's wonderful, do you feel better now?

Anyway, I'll listen to the tracks before deciding,  but I'll probably get Are You Gonna Go My Way.
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RHCPfan24 said:
"The Ion Drum Rocker! $300 baby!
God I wish I had a spare $300 to lay down for those....:(
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There are two different types of achievements that come from the Endless Setlist: The Bladder of Steel and the Difficulty Achievements. The Difficulty Achievements are just "Beat The Endless Setlist on (Insert Difficulty Here)". For these, you can pause/fail a song and still get the achievement. The Bladder of Steel (Which is what you are talking about) is the one where you can not stop in any form (Failing/Pausing, and yes the Guide Button counts as pausing).

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I'm going to agree with Hobbies and dsplayer and say get the RB2 Drums. I haven't had any problems with them and they work great.

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RHCPfan24 said:
"It wasn't hard or anything, but I chose "Anyway You Want It" by Journey as one song, and then it added another song to end, and what was it? "Anyway You Want It", two times in a row. I haven't played it since."
I had that happen to me except it was with Alive.
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I was alone on Expert Guitar:

Wake Up Dead - Megadeth
Blackened - Metallica
Peace Sells - Megadeth

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Can't wait for Space Truckin'! I've been waiting for that song since they put Highway Star out in RB1.

The Roy Orbision DLC sounds awesome too.

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Verdugo said:
"Megalon said:
"StillAThreat said:
"Arkthemaniac said:
"Next up from this era . . .
*sigh* . . . A man can dream . . .


I concur!  Soundgarden is probably the most under-rated band of this era, and this album is ever bit as good as those that have already been released.
I couldn't agree more. And they're perfect for RB, since these songs would be a blast on ALL instruments."
This needs to fucking happen, one of my favorite albums of all time.

Timma1083 said:
"Awesome news, and a great album to release.

The only thing I really wish Harmonix would change about releasing albums is how they only release "Revolutionary or Genre-Defining" albums. I would really like to see some albums from the 2000's, but I don't think it fits Harmonix's criteria (Bring on Blood Mountain or a Muse album, please!)"

Blood Mountain NEEDS to be in Rock Band 2, at least more Mastodon of any kind, tossing in Origin of Symmetry by Muse would also kick ass.

Does Harmonix have a DLC request line or something:P."
They used to actually, but with the update of the site they took it down. Now you can just put 5 songs in your profile that you want and MAYBE they might listen to you....doubtful though....
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Hexpane said:
"I want Little Drummer Boy na0!"
XD Yes Please!!

And I'll get the Foo Fighters pack, and maybe some of the Holiday songs...just gotta listen to them.