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I don't know where ch13696 got his information, but Rock Band Network songs DO NOT work with Rock Band 1. Here's a quote from a developer to prove it, see point 4

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@Hobbies said:
" I like Alice in Chains, but I wish Harmonix would focus on getting some new bands for DLC. "
This, though I'll still grab this pack and (If they release it) Them Bones, Dam That River, & Angry Chair in a heartbeat.
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Needs more Dookie.

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The major flaw with the rating system is any song that refers to "God" or "Jesus" is marked as Supervision Recommended, which means it won't be in Lego: Rock Band. Because of this, Kid friendly songs like "Here It Goes Again" and "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" won't make the cut, but other songs like the song you mentioned or songs the kids won't even know will make it into the game.
Also you can't play Everlong because RB2 doesn't export yet ;)

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@Hobbies said:
" @skrutop said:
"I'm sure people's first reaction to Nirvana will be the same as mine: "Where's the rest of Nevermind?" "
That was my initial reaction, but then I remembered that I like Bleach more than Nevermind. "
I'm more confused by the fact that Sub Pop said Bleach was coming to RBN, not DLC. =/
Also, lack of the song "Low" in the Foo Fighters Pack makes me sad.
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Click Me
Please read through that carefully. Apparently those are the songs available for EU Wiis right now. Apparently 250 will be available by Early 2010.
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I think I'll stick to playing the Tuba and Bass Clarinet.

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Let's try to cheer up my day :D

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Freezepop for $1 is pretty awesome. The RB:U exclusives sound fun too.

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@Hobbies said:
" @Timma1083: You mean there's two bands named Attack! Attack!? Odd. As long as it's not that crab core shit, then I'm fine with it. "
Yup. The shitcore band is from the US, while the Indie Rock type band is from the UK.  
@skrutop said:
" I wonder if RB2's on-disc songs will export to Lego RB?
Also, they confirmed a bunch of songs that weren't in the LRB wiki:

    David Bowie - "Fame"
    Elton John - "Crocodile Rock"
    Iggy Pop - "The Passenger"
    Kaiser Chiefs - "Ruby"
    The Police - "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"
    Queen - "We Will Rock You"
    Queen - "We Are The Champions"
    T. Rex - "Ride A White Swan"
    Tom Petty - "Free Fallin'"
The chart actually says the David Bowie song is "Let's Dance", not Fame.